View Full Version : M6.Net presents the Netstarter Kit - 2 GB DS, 250 GB BW for $4/mo

03-24-2006, 01:04 AM
A totally new & revamped hosting plan by M6.NET ‘The web host for humans’, we just beat the competition again! The Net starter kit is the best place to start developing your presence on the Internet, on a powerful platform and world-class network for just a few dollars per month. Perfect for hobbyists, personal and family websites, home businesses as well as small developers who need to hone their skills at developing and scripting a site before going for a larger package. Come and turn the Internet into the simple tool of communication that it’s truly meant to be. M6.Net, bringing the humanity back into computing.

· $4 /mo, No set-up fee
. 2 web sites
· 2 GB Disk space
· 250 GB Transfer
. Server: Windows
· Scripting:: ASP, ASP.NET Framework, CGI BIN, Perl, PHP
· Database: 2MySql , MS-Access, FoxPro, Excel
· Web mail
· Control Panel
· FTP Logins
· Custom Error pages
· FrontPage extensions 24 hour unlimited FTP access
· 24 hours Support Mon- Fri,8 Hours support Sat-Sun, FREECALL: 1-866-496-6638
· Components
· Raw Log File
· Stats
· ASP Components : ASPmail, ASPImage, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload, and Your Custom components
. 30 Days Money back guarantee

For more details visit http://m6.net/a1micro.aspx