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      DNray Interviews Konstantinos Villios, CEO and Founder of

      Please tell us the year established and brief history of Innoview.Host?
      Innoview was founded in 2010 when I was speaking with one friend here in Athens. Since 2010, Innoview.Host is active in providing hosting services and new technologies and is framed by executives experienced in the internet and with the ability to understand the needs of its customers. Today we have established our offices in Athens, a call center in Athens and our servers are primarily located in specialized datacenters in European Union, especially at Germany, Ireland and United Kingdom. Our experience in solving complex problems and the immediate and efficient service of our customers make us singularize! Our goal is to offer solutions that cover the needs of our customers and fulfil their goals worldwide as we have customers around the world. In addition, the after sales support is very important to us.

      What do you offer your customers that are unique to your company?
      Top quality and after sales support are two of our primary focused at Innoview.Host, in fact, those are the reason why we started our company. We were too frustrated dealing with web hosting providers who anything could not do when we need some help and their answers were irrelevant to our questions. Nowadays, we train our team day by day in order to have the top-quality support which my company wants. We have adopted the cloud and virtualization technology which has filled a service gap between dedicated and shared hosting services. Another unique point, is the fact that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee for our hosting services which is very important for our customers in order to get their refund if they want or to make them try our services and have a better opinion about our company and our team.

      What is the most challenging aspect to offering Elastic Sites Web Hosting?
      The most challenging thing is trying to satisfy our customers with the services that Innoview.Host provides. It is a constant process between developing systems around the world which are used in order to make our jobs and our life easier. We provide more usable and efficient services and of course we have the best support in order to be in contact with our customers and solve their problems all time. Every customer and every website are unique for our company, that is why they have unique needs and in addition the hosting and support of their needs is not only challenging but rewarding for us and our support team at the same time. Our company, also, provides top quality hosting services for our customers in order to have the best website. Elastic Sites hosting is very innovative and give the advantage for everyone.

      What is it that makes Innoview.Host a competitive company in the Web Hosting market?
      The main concept is price versus support services. In other words, Innoview.Host provide a high-quality support for our customers with extremely competitive prices for our hosting plans. Also, we provide higher service levels (support plus plan) with an extra cost but it is affordable too. Moreover, we provide free domain validation SSL certificate from two top SSL providers. Our company is not just a hosting company like the others, the 80% of our staff are highly trained as systems administrators and our customers deal directly with them. The other 20% are working in specialized tasks such as sales, billing, marketing and customer service if it is needed.

      What new features have Innoview.Host added for its customers in the past year?
      In the past year we have had a lot of new things for our customers in order to make more profit from their website with competitive plans. For example, we are now offering the possibility to buy an SSL certificate and take 80% discount on their hosting service for one year. We rolled out a new website which makes it easier for our customers to find information and services that they need. We have added a lot more goodies over the year, like better social networking and advertising tools for their advertising campaign. In addition, before some months, we have created new WordPress hosting plans that help any customer needs a blog or a website and know about content and have no time and knowledge for the technical issues.

      What would you say is Innoview.Host #1 asset to its customer base?
      We understand that quality of service usually means happy customers and this means a customer who will stay with and recommend our company to their friends. This task never ends and for this reason we try always to improve our staff and make them think in advance some situations and deal the problems cleverly. Our company has a support online system 24/7/365 with a full team of network engineers behind the scenes in order to help our customers and solve everything quickly. So, as a conclusion the number one asset for Innoview.Host is to provide reliable servers and a great support team in order to maintain our customers happy and create a reliable relation with them.

      Where do you see Innoview.Host and the web hosting industry in three years?
      After 7 years of web hosting, I can see with each passing year how we have been able to make things more efficient and usable for both our team and our customers. With the pass of these years I have realize that our staff get stronger and learn useful thinks and that means that in three years we will provide more innovative products for them.

      How many customers do you currently have?
      We have a serious number of customers here in Greece, but we also have customers from some European Countries such as Italy, France, United Kingdom and others countries as well.

      Who are some of your famous clients?
      About our clients I have to say that our company has websites for many Greek politicians, businessmen and some municipalities of Greece. Some example from some famous clients are the well-known tutoring center here in Greece DIAKROTIMA, which is the largest chain of tutors in Greece and Cyprus with two certifications of total quality ISO 9001 and ELOT 1433 from the LLOYD’S Register of London. Another well-known customer is the E.G. Strategakis S.A. which is an educational group, a company name synonymous with foreign language learning in Greece for more than half a century, with companies at Bulgaria, Albania, FYROM, Moldova, Rumania and Serbia. After that, we have as our client the representatives of LONSDALE LONDON here at Greece. Famous clients are important but we have hundreds other clients that are very important also to us!

      Do you own your own datacenter?
      Right now, we cooperate with well-known datacenters around the European Union.

      Where are they located?
      At Germany, Ireland and United Kingdom as I have mentioned before.

      What kind of backup power do you have?
      For every website we host we provide daily, weekly and monthly backup of the website’s files, database and mails in order to be near to our customer if they have any problem.

      Do you have multiple backbone connections?
      The backbone is set up in the form of a ring network between the datacenter locations. All locations are connected to central exchange nodes such as DE-CIX, AMS-IX, DATA-IX and V-IX via the datacenter's own fiber optic network. This is the backbone connections of our providers.

      What connections do you have?
      Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges ensure fast website access. In Innoview.Host we always trying to cooperate with the best datacenters around the world, that is why we provide so competitive plans to consumers and companies.

      Do you offer 24/7 support?
      Innoview.Host has always online support and we have here a 24/7/365 team ready to handle any type of question of our customers and solve their issues via our ticketing system.

      Do you have technicians present 24/7 or 9-5 M-F?
      Our support is 24/7/365 via e-mail contact, we have an immediate response to extraordinary issues and we are trying to solve them directly on our company's timetable in order to have our customers happy and make our company reliable.

      What is your average turn-around time on a support ticket?
      Usually we have a 10-15-minute first response target. In fact, it is usually less than 10 minutes unless it is a particularly busy day. I have seen that the most support tickets coming after the weekend and I strongly believe that this happens maybe because they spend their free time of weekend thinking ideas and they implementing them when their work week begins. Most times, after the first response, the issue usually may be solved if it is simply. Some other times, the turn-around time on a support ticket may take several hours, but it really depends on how fast the customer responds to us in order to solve the issue. Generally, we solve any issue before 1 hour, from when we receive the support ticket but if it is more difficult it, will be solved under the duration of 1 day maximum.

      Do you charge your clients for support? If so, please explain.
      Concerning our customer support, our company provide free support for every hosting services we provide.

      Do you offer a money back guarantee?
      We offer money back guarantees yes. Right now we have our industry leading 60-Day “for any reason you want to cancel” guarantee at all hosting services.

      Thank you for your time and insight into Innoview.Host.
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