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General Domain Discussion / Re: Return domain name
Last post by mark-taylor - Today at 11:48 AM
Go to the normal registrar already. Saving on registrars always leads to loosing when domains are hijacked.
Consult a specialized lawyer .
Cloud Hosting / Re: Changed the PHP version on...
Last post by jckdear - Today at 11:24 AM
You can register constants for debag in wp-config.php

It works - don't touch it.
Or touch it, but on the test site.
1. Return the version to 7.4;
2. Restore files from the backup of the host/ your;
3. Finally throw off the error text. Trollshooting without it is like pointing a finger at the sky.
Compatibility between versions 7.* and 8.* is disgusting.
#3 this is a dump, not hosting. I have used their services for several years. But the last six months have been hell.
They have a big overselling. They regularly have the entire infrastructure falling down. Even their own website stops working. It is not possible to create a ticket during these periods. They turn off the VPS for false reasons, without evidence, without notifications. Support responds for a very long time. The support is incompetent.
Of course, there is a reason for easy replicability, but the need to also contain a host operating system that consumes resources spoils the idea well..
The conversation was about an "old car" :) I would make an acronym for the Windows image (and not only would I do it, but in practice I did it more than once) and then deploy it. Ten is quite tolerant of such an operation and most likely will pull up the drivers on the new computer itself.
And if for placement on the network somewhere where you have a Linux host system, then yes, to throw an image for a Virtualbox is the best.
General Domain Discussion / Re: Return domain name
Last post by tvalexndar - Today at 10:33 AM
change the registrar to a normal one at last, change the password, you haven't restored the mail yet, it's not clear what and how you have, if the domain name is registered on you, then it wasn't stolen, but just have access to the settings, something you darken in general.

In order to be able to help you, you need to state the whole point in detail from a to Z.
Usually this is decided through the courts.
When switching from 7.4 to the latest version, many standard functions and methods simply stopped working, which were replaced by something else. Naturally, you need to look at what swears and use Google to replace parts of the code.
General Domain Discussion / Return domain name
Last post by maryse - Today at 09:09 AM
Good day.
The bottom line is as follows: there is a DE domain registered for a long time, I am the owner.
Initially, the domain was registered with namecheap.

A few months ago, it turned out that I was hаcked (mail, etc.), and the namecheap control panel was stolen, as a result, I can't get there.

Then, having already contacted Naunet and gained access to their domain directly through them, there were months of silence with the hаcker and technical support of Naunet.
The attacker changed the DNS's to his own, and I to mine. and so every week. Correspondence was conducted in parallel with those who gave incomprehensible unsubscriptions all the time.

As a result: the attacker also gained access to the domain control panel from Naunet. Tech support is no longer responding to my requests.
What can be done? How can you take a domain from a hаcker, or even better, from Naunet or whoever they are?

The domain is registered to me, according to my passport, everything is available.
Cloud Hosting / Changed the PHP version on the...
Last post by Brijesh - Today at 09:00 AM
Greetings, please help me, I didn't think and updated the php version through the Beget hosting, I first changed the php version, and only then saved a backup copy in the UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore plugin and now I can't go to the WP admin panel and the site itself is not displayed anywhere.
 I go over the domain and it is written (A critical error has occurred on the site.)

The php version was 7.4, I changed it to the latest 8.1, then to 8 and then to 7.4 and more than a day has passed, the site does not work in any way.
The php_errors log file appeared in the hosting file manager.
It's a beautiful domain name. A great combination of keywords .
I'm not sure about the actual evaluation of the web site. But the domain is definitely a moderator for me.
I would say from medium x, xхx to low xx, xхx, maybe a little more for the right buyer. It was recently sold for $6,400, but I really think Anonshare has more potential. Because it assumes a more specific type of share.
You may have to be a little patient with this. The sale may take longer. (at a good price) than something like easyshare, which is more common.
What do you think about this domain name?
Registered in 2005. Estimated by Estibot $3534