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Are these things comparable? Content is just as important in its own way as design. Infringement of one of these components will cause equivalent damage to the perception of the site as a whole. Of course, there is a dependence on the direction, subject matter of the site. It is clear that a resource intended, for example, for a children's audience will benefit more from a beautiful design, but, say, for a scientific portal, content will come first. This question needs to be specified. :-*
This one?

Allows you to debug database queries, PHP errors, interceptors and actions, block editor blocks, queued scripts and stylesheets, HTTP API calls and more.

Includes some additional features such as debugging Ajax calls, REST API calls and user capability checks. Also includes the ability to narrow most of the output by plugins or themes, allowing you to quickly identify bad plugins, themes or functions.

Useful stuff, in general...
Hello! I couldn't find WP topic.

The plugin in the admin panel shows the script response time or something like that, which script is the longest to respond. Used it once, and did not save it, now I really need it.
Web Hosting / Re: Choosing a hosting provide...
Last post by Bronson - Today at 11:11 AM
And my choice of hosting is simple enough: I take the first five best providers, compare the conditions and prices, check the required services and services, pay for several years in advance.
And yes, as rightly noted above, in this case the savings can exceed half or more of the monthly rate.

Exception: sometimes the customer needs specific services, in which case I "change" previously selected and reliable providers. :)
Reseller Hosting / Re: Hosting 2035
Last post by Cody Babcock - Today at 10:02 AM
But it seems to me that over the years, quality will give way to quantity. Now more and more data centres are being created that work both as regular web hosting and cloud hosting (in principle, we are talking about the same thing, but from a technology point of view, these are different things). Over the past 10 years, even I would say 5 years, electricity consumption has increased significantly, although humanity is beginning to fight it with leaps and bounds.

No matter how funny it is, most of the electricity is consumed not even by data centers, but by mining farms. Bitcoins are the scourge of the early 21st century. Everyone dreams of a decentralized currency, but in fact we are mired in dependence on the same resources.

If we talk about saving data, then the cloud is the best solution, but the question is - who will maintain these libraries? For what funds? It seems to me that when the question arises - how to spend the budget on the military industry or support for the electronic cloud, where trillions of terabytes of information will be collected, then they will choose the first one.
There are many good servers in Holland and the UK and mediocre ones in France. I suggest renting a server from Hostwinds or BlueHost. If the photo archive is not encoded (double encryption), then I strongly recommend renting hosting from a provider from France - sharp corners are easier to get around there. In general, large servers are best rented only in data centres in Europe.
If you are looking for a budget option, you can rent from Hostinger. They have a fast response time, though not as strong servers as others.
Answer in simple terms: is the value of 'undefinded' in JavaScript equal to zero? In general, what is the difference between a value defined in the language as 'null' and, say, 'undeclared ', and is there a connection between these predefined values?
Web Hosting / Re: Choosing a hosting provide...
Last post by Zhoshua Adrian - Today at 04:52 AM
It is because of forgetfulness and savings that I buy hosting for 3 years (you can of course for a year, but in the tariff for 3 years you can save up to 75%). Regarding the choice of a hosting provider, not everything is so obvious here. Yes, there are many companies offering server rental, but you didn't quite correctly say that from choosing a goal, you must also choose a provider, although there is also a grain of truth there. In any case, a normal company has a lot of both specific server packages and offers unique features for your needs. When choosing, I focus on two parameters - how quickly they answer me and what service packages they offer.
Forum self–promotion is a very long and complex process.
And the main thing here is the idea of the forum. Judge for yourself – how many sites on the network of different topics, how many popular forums. Why should users come to your site? The answer is to offer something that is not available on other similar resources, discuss questions that cannot be answered anywhere else, offer users what they need.

It is clear that this is difficult, but otherwise the chances of your forum becoming a people are very small. What is free promotion: dissemination of information on other forums – creating topics and linking to your materials; commenting on blogs – you can give links to similar topics on the forum, invite people to discuss this issue; announcing topics in specialized services – news resources, your own free blogs like Blogger, LiveJournal, mailing services (for example, Subscribe); link exchange – with other forums, blogs, sites of similar topics.
Nothing is impossible, and if you take optimization and promotion seriously, the forum will definitely gain active regular users and gain popularity. This means that in the future it will develop independently, occupying all the best places in the search results.
Launched a project on the domain. Everything is set up, working, directing traffic.
After 2 weeks, the domain was cut down on Saturday evening for the reason that it did not activate the mail by an automatic letter from the registrar. But nothing came to the mail (then I found out what was in the spam).

Just how can you do that? would write a message that so and so, you have 3 days to resolve the issue. And INTERNET.BS immediately blocked both my domain and the account. Then of course they were exposed, but a simple 10 hours out of the blue!
Honestly, this is the first time I've met this. A real bad office, do not get involved.