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Why not? For an international website, any domain that is not tied to a specific country is suitable. Personally, I don't remember the country "site".
Only domain renewal will probably cost more many times.
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How long does it take to update a DNS record?

To calculate the maximum (worst case) time interval required to update the DNS record value in the links for all clients, multiply the number of chain links (excluding the authorized server) by the TTL value.

For example, if the TTL value is 3600 seconds (1 hour), and the DNS chain consists of 5 links, the full propagation of changes should take no more than 18,000 seconds (5 hours).
But if only it were that simple.

What are the costs of DNS lookup?

When it comes to the "costs" of DNS lookup, it is usually not monetary, but time costs that are meant. Depending on the number of Internet gremlins in the global network, it usually takes 100-200 milliseconds to complete a DNS query.

It's a very short time, but imagine a web page. The correspondence between the name and the IP address in the DNS system must be configured for all images, CSS files and JavaScript asset files available through links on the page. Without caching, the loading time will noticeably increase.
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Here are the best web hosts offering free domains in 2023:
Hostinger is a budget hosting service suitable for novice users with an incredible site loading speed.
Scala Hosting will give you a domain and give you access to WordPress experts if you subscribe to one of the shared hosting plans.
InMotion Hosting is a full—featured tariffs that allow you to use a free domain and as many email addresses as you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of a free domain for hosting fees

This is the fastest and easiest way to set up a domain. Buying a domain from a hosting company, you immediately ask the service to associate this name with your new site, and everything happens automatically — you don't have to mess with name servers, DNS records, or IP addresses. It is enough to make a couple of clicks.
You can manage your domain and hosting in one place. It is not always convenient to switch between hosting sites and a domain name registrar to make certain changes. Personally, I can say from my own experience that such a unified approach is much more convenient.
It will be more convenient to contact user support. Speaking of uniformity, if there is a problem with the domain, you will not have to rush between the hosting support services and the domain name registrar, wasting time and effort in vain. It is much more convenient when both issues can be solved in one company.
It will be easier for you to manage email addresses. As a rule, there is no problem with this, but it is still quite convenient to get a domain from a hosting, since it is much easier to set up email in this case.
You will receive a free domain in the .com zone. The big three TLD domain zones (top-level domains), namely .com, .org and .info, are best known. Domain registration in one of these zones makes your site more reliable, both in the eyes of visitors and for search engines. Of course, you can choose another zone, but these three should be considered first. Such a free domain, even if only for a year, will serve you well.


These domains are free only in the first year. Alas, there is nothing you can do about it — one day you will have to pay for a subscription renewal. And it is likely that you will pay more than you would have paid using the services of a regular domain name registrar.
Free domains are often provided only within certain tariffs. If you are going to subscribe to the cheapest tariff from Hostinger, then do not count on a free domain. To use this option, you will have to choose a more expensive tariff, and this is true for many other hosting companies.
Only some TLD domains are supported. If you are still floating in theory: top—level domains are the part of the site address that is located at the very end of it and after the dot (for example, .com or .org). A domain name registrar may have access to hundreds of top-level domains, while free domains from web hosting services are likely to be limited  by zones .сом , .org and .info.
Using the MAX_EXECUTION_TIME directive

By default, the maximum execution time of a PHP script is set to 30 seconds. If the script runs for longer than 30 seconds, PHP stops the script and reports an error.
Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in pandoge_com.php on line 19

You can control the time for which PHP executes scripts by changing the max_execution_time directive in the file.htaccess.
To change the maximum execution time of your PHP scripts, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account using SSH.

2. Use a text editor to add the following line to the file.htaccess. Replace 30 with the maximum execution time you want to set, in seconds:

php_value max_execution_time 30

Save the changes to the file .htaccess and exit the text editor.
To make sure that the new parameter is active, create a PHP test file that contains the following code in the same directory where the file is located.htaccess:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Upload the test file to your browser, and then find the name of the directive. The "Local Value" column should display the new parameter specified in the file .htaccess.
It will fit, but in general $30 for site is expensive, for example in the same the same domains are twice cheaper.
The word site may have different meanings in different countries. I would prefer an online domain.
I highly recommend to see how much the extension costs.
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See the TTL parameter of your site's A-records.
This is the lifetime of a record in the DNS cache. Theoretically, this is the maximum time during which the site name will be associated with the old IP address. In practice, there are crookedly configured servers that ignore the specified TTL and store records for several days.
I want to create an international website, and the most profitable option is the domain ".site".
 Is such a domain suitable for an international website, there is simply very little information on it on the Internet. And the registration of this domain costs only 64 rubles.
Thank you in advance for the answer.
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How to quickly restore the availability of the site for users in case of hosting failure, there is a mirror of the site on another hosting.
At the same time, DNS servers are located in the third place with me and work properly. How long will it take for the new settings to be available to a regular user?
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Servers from and are attractive for me and I wonder which plan the best us for hosting a blog?
Sometimes there are sites made in the word or style of the years - the end of the last century. And the trust in such a firm somehow immediately falls. If they have a website made by the "son of the director \ accountant" on the knee, then you can imagine what their potential attitude to customers \ the quality of the goods is.

Still, website, the face of the company on the Internet. This is if you compare it with offline. Where will you go for the service, in the basement, in front of which there is a peeling, faded sign, and some drunk is hanging out next to it?
Or to a nearby office, in front of which a normal illuminated sign and the steps of the threshold are carefully upholstered with rubber mats, so that you don't slip? If a person you've known for a long time works in the basement, the answer is clear, but! The question is about the first impression.