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Started by natmir, Jun 28, 2022, 03:11 AM

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I am new to domaining business but I realise that most of the people do not do outbound marketing just because its very tedious and boring task. This is where I come into the picture.

Who am I?

I have been into internet marketing business since 10 years now and got my own website design and development firm. We have in house team of designers, developers, seo executives etc. I recently started investing into domains and eager to learn more about it. I realise that outbound marketing does have potential to make decent sales but mostly people avoid it because of kinda work it involves.

Whats the deal?

If you have experience in selling domains via outbound marketing and looking to scale up or if you have how to sell via outbound marketing but did not jump into it because of kinda work it involves then this jv is for you. I can spare a couple of resources who will work full time i.e 8 hours a day and 5 days a week and follow the instructions given by you and help you to sell your domains via outbound marketing. They will do all the boring tasks like follow up emails etc and help you to expedite the domain sales process.

In return of this I will charge %age of the sale amount or fix amount per domain name sold (this we can work out after discussing all odds and expenses with serious partner only) .

Whats there in it for both of us?

You might already be making handsome money by selling out domains via inbound sales, however getting into outbound sales will expedite your sales process without doing all those boring tasks by yourself and without even paying anything upfront when you are not sure about results.

For me, as I am new to this market it will be learning phase for me and will make some quick bucks as well just to cover the cost of my employees. Hence, WIN WIN for both of us.

Let me know if any one is interested or got any queries to discuss this further.


1. how do you determine/appraisal the price?
2. How much % commission fee for this?