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Started by kotowicz, Jun 26, 2022, 09:53 AM

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kotowiczTopic starter

I have a very nice website where can people search upload their resume and apply for jobs. And allow to entreprises to add their job offers.
I want to open this platform in different countries, we can also translate our platform and make it ready for your country. We need who will manage our platform in his country.

We prefer countries in Africa (Algeria,Tunisia,Egypt,Nigeria,South Africa,Ivory coast ...), Europe (France,Spain,Italy,Germany,Belgium,Switzerland) and Middle East. If you aren't from one of these countries you can suggest yours.

It's a serious project, so we need only motivated partners to work with us.
Our partner must be able to promote the platform in his country.
Contact me for more informations.


See below:

Angel List Talent. The "modestly" tribune calls itself the No. 1 startup community in the world and invites employees and startups to find each other. Being a part of such projects can be promising: in a small rapidly growing company, there are more chances to break out to the top. AngelList Talent knows over a thousand startups that need skilled hands.

arc. This website is suitable for developers. The candidate needs to log in and set up a personal account, and the service based on artificial intelligence will offer remote vacancies around the world.

Authentic jobs. The bulletin board is tailored for designers, developers, copywriters, marketers and other creative professionals. In the search, you can activate the Freelance checkbox, and if you need a permanent remote job, look for the word Remote in front of the vacancies that have fallen.

Behance. There is an opinion that Behance is not a platform for making funds, but just an online portfolio for designers and illustrators. However, foreign companies often look for performers there. Therefore, if you are interested in international projects, it makes sense to create a profile on Behance and regularly upgrade it with new works.

Career Builder. One of the largest thematic resources in the USA. There is no separate section with remote work, but the search understands telecommute or remote requests.

Cad Crowd. A tribune where you can profitably sell 3D modeling, drafting and engineering design skills. Suitable for freelancers with a technical specialization.

content. This is an exchange for copywriters, editors and content creators. Before starting the search, the platform will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. The service is more suitable for free-lances, but sometimes masters of the word manage to find a full-fledged remote job on this resource.

CGTrader. It is a tribune where 3D designers can sell their models. The service works on the principle of a paid stock: the higher the participant's rating, the more expensive his works are sold.

Dribbble. The site is tailored for digital artists, game designers and interface masters. In the right column there is a convenient switch between remote work and local job.

indeed. Behind Indeed's simple interface is a good functionality, in particular, you can set additional search conditions. This is the site, the exact name of the company you are interested in, annual income and much more.