Need someone from US to close some ongoing deals

Started by offka, Jun 22, 2022, 02:04 AM

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I have some deals in negotiations (more than 10) and I need to go out for a long vacation today and I don't want those deals to go away. So, I'm looking for someone (trusted) from US (preferably) to close those deals. Some of them require calling so, you should be able to do that. I'll share 50% with you.

What I'll do here is that I'll push all those domains to your account and you'll deal with them and send 50% after taking your part to my Paypal. But just to be clear, these are small deals (~$150), but if you can snatch more, that'd be nice.

PM me your telegram (preferred) or email.




Taxes on dividends from US companies should be given special attention. The first thing to do is to sign the W8-BEN certificate. In it, the investor confirms that he is not a US tax agent.

If you sign the certificate, the United States will keep 10%. If the investor does not sign this certificate, then the American side will withhold a tax on dividends in the amount of 30%, dividends will come minus this amount.

Many investors do not sign the W8-BEN certificate in order not to file a declaration. But according to the law, a declaration must be submitted in any case, even if 30% of the tax was withheld from the investor.

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