Partnership Split; You Bring Domain, I Bring the Site

Started by argoway, Jun 22, 2022, 02:02 AM

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argowayTopic starter

I am interested in developing new websites and all I am looking for is a domain. I will handle everything else. Essentially, you provide the domain name, I will create a website/company/blog that fits the domains niche and publish it to the web. I will continue to maintain the website in hopes of generating a steady revenue stream. The revenue will be split predetermined before partnership beings. Each partnership split percentage is based off the the value of the domain, with a minimum of 50% revenue for the domain owner.

How you can begin this partnership.
Inbox me your domain name and if it is currently being hosted anywhere.
Tell me why I should help partner and use your domain.
I will then assess the domain name and get back to you regarding my view of the domain and if I would like to develop it.
Once the partnership begins;
I will design a mockup website and share that with you.
I will then start the Partnership Agreement Contract, which is to be signed by both parties and will detail all the information regarding the business of that domain and expected revenue streams and income.
You will receive weekly emails reporting how the construction of the site is going, and when the projected launch date is.

You will have administrative access to the site along with access to any revenue stream account set up for the specific domain name.
Once the website is up and running and a steady income stream is coming from the site, you will receive the option to purchase out the rest of the percentage of ownership in the domain and business or continue the agreed upon percentage and allow me to continue running the site.
If you have any questions or all please do not hesitate to contact me


Sounds intriguing. Some questions:
Do you have any current examples of your work?

What software languages / technologies do you use to create these sites?
Can you share the partnership agreement so that we can peruse the legal details?