Would you like free .com domain names forever?

Started by gnh73, Jun 24, 2022, 01:51 AM

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Would you like free .com domain names forever?

2 (40%)
No, I'd rather not
2 (40%)
I have to think about it
1 (20%)
What's the catch?
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gnh73Topic starter

I really wonder what you guys think of building a registrar for .com domain names only
that would allow you to register a .com domain, use it as you like

after you are able to sell it
we spread the sales amount that way:

50% goes to the registrar to cover the costs
30% goes to you
20% goes to shelter for homeless


Interesting idea but the revenue split is not worth it.

Why pay you 50% on a sale when someone can generate 100% by spending $8?

The flip side is... you will get a ton of names that will never be sold and you will betaken advantage of.

As far as the donation, that should be coming out of your split, not the guy doing 100% of the work to sell the domain.

Would I consider it?

Make it 80% Domainer, 20% for Registrar and donations comes out of your end.

The other way you can make it work is do a split but the domainer's 80% goes down based on how many names they registered... so for instance...

I register 20 names, $8 reg fee on loan. = $160.

I sell one domain name for $1,000... Sale gets split $800 to me, $200 to you with you covering fees. The $800 is reduced by the $160 I owe for the domains I registered that were not yet paid. Your 20%, call it the opportunity cost.

The split can be altered based on what other tools you provide, such as marketplace, escrow, brokerage, etc.

But no, otherwise I would not give up 50% of my revenue to you for loaning me $8 and 20% to a cause I may not believe in.

And I am assuming with your model the registrar owns the names since you paid for it?
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Interesting idea.
Names would have to be checked prior to domain order/registry.

The charity could be optional
Homeless, Solar recycling, Wildlife, Sea
Other smaller projects.
Have the sales platform and the buyer chooses which charity!


There are several websites on the web where you can register a free domain, such as DOT.TK or FREENOM.COM. But we emphasize that this method has much more minuses than pluses.

Our hit parade of disadvantages of free registration opens with the inability to choose a domain zone. On such sites, you will register a domain that will be located in the zones of the least developed countries, for example, .GA (Gabon), .ML (Mali), .TK (Tokelau) and others.

This leads to the next minus - incorrect geolocation. The fact is that search engines choose a place for a site not only by the quality of the resource and user requests, but also by location. All free domain zones are from Africa, which means that search engines will assume that your site is targeted at residents from these countries. If you want to actively engage in SEO, think twice before registering free domains for your website.

And the last disadvantage on our list (but not least) is the dependence on the registrar. Imagine that you made a beautiful, modern blog, wrote interesting and useful texts for it, optimized everything that was possible. Traffic is generated, subscribers subscribe, not life, but a fairy tale! And one day you see that your domain was taken away. Agree, it's not pleasant.

It is important to understand that you are 103% dependent on the registrar, who can do anything with your domain: block it or even take it away. Most often, this is done with beautiful addresses or with domains of sites with good traffic, in order to later sell them at an inflated price. So, judging by the reviews, the freenom registrar mentioned above did.

It is not possible to defend your rights to a domain name and return the address back, because you will never become its full owner. As they say, "easy come, easy go".

The good thing about free domain names is that it won't cost you a dime. This is where the pluses end. Perhaps this address is only suitable if you want to upload your project and show it to a couple of friends. In other cases, it is better to use either a service address  or purchase an inexpensive domain name.