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International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS)
ISG & IAGS -- Institute for the Study of Genocide, International Association of Genocide Scholars
Institute for the Study of Genocide (ISG) and International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) boost and overview studies on genocide. Their officials and individuals advocate media, governments and intergovernmental corporations worried with early caution and prevention.

The International Association of Genocide Scholars is a global, interdisciplinary, non-partisan employer that seeks to in addition studies and coaching approximately the nature, causes, and outcomes of genocide, and boost coverage research on prevention of genocide.

 The Association, based in 1994, meets biennially to recollect comparative studies, crucial new works, case research, the hyperlinks among genocide and gross human rights violations, and prevention and punishment of genocide.

The goal of the Association is to awareness extra intensively on questions of genocide than is feasible withinside the current two-hour layout of maximum meetings and to attract colleagues from special disciplines into an interdisciplinary conversation.
Membership is open to scholars, graduate students, and different fascinated men and women worldwide. The Association is an independent associate of The Institute for the Study of Genocide.


Domain name match
It can be quite accurate, and this increases the likelihood of hitting the top. So, for instance, if a keyword is present in a domain name, the chances of being on the first pages of search engines increase by a quarter. The prerequisite for this is that search engines classify the match between the domain and the keyword as a navigation query, in other words, they will see your website match the specified query already in its domain name.

If the market your domain belongs to is not too competitive, then one name, complete with a few links and content, may be enough to get your resource to the top spot in the search. But if you have a lot of competitors, you will have to invest in more links and content for a similar result. Even the exact match of the name and the request does not guarantee instant success, but it will give you a tangible advantage.

Domain matching is relevant for zones such as .com, .org, .net, and it also increases the CTR of ads where pay-per-clicks are provided.

Combination of age and domain match
It is known that for new domains, matching the domain name gives little or no advantage. The trust of the Google search engine in newly registered pages is low, and it will never bring such a resource to the top. Therefore, to use the domain name strategy, you need to find a resource that has already proven itself.

This is not easy to do, since most of the domain names that match your query are usually promoted and expensive, or are completely occupied by your competitors and are not up for sale. If you manage to find a domain for sale, then even in the .net zone its price will be at least five thousand dollars, which suggests serious reasons for buying it.

If the website initially has a high CTR and was registered more than a year ago, Google search engine can place links to the keywords you specified, making the list authoritative. Authoritative lists will provide you with up to 80% of visitors, so such an investment can be considered fully justified. However, to obtain such links, an exact match is not necessary.

Inappropriate names for your domain
An instance of a bad domain name is, for instance, Such a name is dissonant and looks like spam, besides, it will be difficult for visitors to remember it. You might argue that a domain name is a perfect match for the query, but you should not overstep the bounds of reason when following that advice.

First of all, a good domain should be easy to remember by the user, in particular, there should be no dashes in the name, as they complicate the process of typing the name. It is easier to link to a domain with a short and capacious name from blogs and personal pages of users. In addition, when writing a domain name from memory, people often forget to put a dash and, as a result, they cannot find your website.

Zones: their pros and cons
The .com zone is the most common and is the best place for a website. In fact, it is synonymous with the Internet. However, you have to pay for popularity, and in the case of domains in this zone, the difference in price will be noticeable, sometimes two or three times more expensive than a similar site in neighboring zones.

Don't hesitate to choose the .com domain if your finances allow. Many users automatically type .com at the end of an address they don't quite remember. In that case, you may miss out on users who will remember the name of your resource correctly, but will habitually type .com after it while you are in the .net zone or somewhere else. In fact, you yourself will give away potential visitors to competitors.

Avoid registering in the .info zone. This makes your address hard to remember and also reduces the impression of the site as a whole.

As for domains like .ca,, .au, they are comparable in efficiency to the .com zone, but they are focused on only one country, which makes it difficult for such addresses to appear in Google search. These domains are ideal for local businesses such as small shops or salons.

Most charities choose .org for their domains. The exception is a few sites, you can find examples on the net.

Another special .fm zone has been created for radio station websites and is perfect for them. The .tv zone has been created for television, but many channels prefer to register on .com because that zone is more popular.

The presence of keywords in the domain
In fact, it is not necessary at all, at least they should not be preferred when choosing between an old domain without keywords in the name, and a new one, in the name of which they are present. The old domain will be more trusted by Google, besides, they are much easier to rank by keywords.

Links and domain keys
The undeniable advantage of keyword domains is the fact that they are excellent anchors for incoming links.

Often people use not an anchor in the link, but the direct URL of the site, and if the domain name matches one of the keys, it is ideal to use it to form a link mass, since the domain name is already the text for the link. For instance, the keyword horse would work for, even if the linker doesn't use an anchor in the link. At the same time, for the site, the word horse will be completely useless.

The domain name must be short. Users don't remember long names well, so your resource runs the risk of going unnoticed.