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Started by marissadsilva, Dec 10, 2022, 12:23 AM

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marissadsilvaTopic starter

Greetings gentlemen. My question is: how do I open my own hosting?
I can develop websites (php, js).
I would be very grateful if you would give me a list of those things that I need to master in order to launch a full-fledged hosting.
Thank you.


First of all, decide on the purpose for which you need a full-fledged web hosting.
Just to have it... Make hosting, play around and then sell. Or build a business.
If you play around and sell, then remember that the main value is only "live" customers, not equipment and self-written web panels from the hosting board.
If you build a business, then study business processes, marketing, personnel management. It does not play a big role here that it is hosting or the automotive industry.

For any business, the ability to sell is vital. Otherwise, it's just a hobby and it takes a lot of time and money to maintain it. Servers are expensive, but they become obsolete quickly. Disks of recent years "fly" without having served the warranty period and often change to the same refurbished, remanufactured and fly out after the end of the warranty period.
And they are expensive. Another task that a rapidly growing business will definitely face is the purchase of IPv4 addresses. Staff. Where can I find real workers who will take care of your business as their own and put their soul into it, just like you?

And registering a company, obtaining licenses for an office with frills will not make hosting complete. Only like-minded people, staff, knowledge and skills will help you make a full-fledged independent brainchild.
But in order to taste the work of a hosting provider and get useful experience and skills, the best option in my opinion has already been offered: Work in any hosting company, there are a lot of vacancies. During day and night shifts, under air conditioning and without sunlight in heavy noise. When you complete this quest, you will know what you have to do.

In a good way.


A license to provide hosting services is not needed.
 If you do not drive traffic on your own networks (telematics), the activity is not subject to licensing. If you know how to develop web sites, then you can make both a website and a ticket system to raise and screw all sorts of payment systems - this will help a lot at first.
You will definitely need a system administrator: there will be hаcks, spam, ddos and all sorts of typical host problems. You need to focus on everything of your own (servers, buying control panels, etc.), otherwise you will distribute all the profits.