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Started by outsourcefirm, Aug 27, 2022, 12:04 AM

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Tell me, please, what kind of hosting for backups can I consider? to be reliable, otherwise I don't really want to place a backup with the current hosting provider.
I am considering a hosting provider from which I can buy a disk for backups or a server for backups, it is also called.


I recommend two options.
1. Amazon S3. - No fixed price. The cost depends on the volume placed, but it costs a penny. For example, for 100 GB the price will be around a few dollars. For a couple of GB there will be quite ridiculous prices.
2. - Very good server hosting, including server backup. There are different rates, starting from inexpensive ones for small projects. I recommend! Don't be intiŠ¼idated by the old and simple style of the website. Behind it are experienced professionals and good quality services.

Or make a scheduled task to connect to a remote host and download the backup file to your hard drive. Depending on how often you need to update the backup. In this case, you need to share resources. For instance, the database is updated twice a day, and files - once a month.