Black list of hosting providers / data centers - do not be shy to add

Started by Donna D. Phillips, Jul 22, 2022, 06:58 AM

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Donna D. PhillipsTopic starter

I propose to post here a list of all hosting providers / data centers that you think should not be used. It is imperative to substantiate the claim.
I think the topic will be relevant.

I'll start with myself:


I worked with beget for two months and lost my nerve. There is no protection from dDos, their poor fellows are getting hit and hit, the sites did not have time to wake up from the last drawdown as a new wave follows.

I concluded that my sites are doomed to this host and made my legs. They didn't want to return the money either, I had to transfer it to the balance of another person so that he would give me the cash.
It seems that they put all the emphasis on the interface, not security. I realize that all this was done for school-lo , who have never seen a full-fledged ISP panel.
From here we can conclude that the level of websites on their servers corresponds to the contingent, which does not have a very good effect on professional projects that, by some miracle, got to the wrong hosting provider through advertising.