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Started by RoyJones, Aug 17, 2022, 12:01 AM

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CentOS or BSD or.? For a net server with several projects

The essence of the question is briefly described in the title. It is planned to deploy several net projects, not highly loaded, but visited.
Now in the preparatory process I use CentOS, However, I wondered if it would be preferable to use anything else?

In particular, the perspectives of *BSD as a base for hosting are of interest.
The resources on the hosting server are all local, for the internal needs of the company (bank). It is quite possible that in the future projects will be not only local.


Studying systems is good, but you shouldn't do it only for hosting. It is better to create a test virtual machine and practice on it.
On VMware, both axes work correctly.

I would advise you to put a bunch of nginx + apache.
Since there will be no access from the outside yet, the main advantages of freebsd are lost (protection against attacks). But on the other hand, FreeBSD has just a good mechanism for creating backups with minimal space, time, and resources. No Linux can even come close to having such a backup system. Virtualmin is installed on FreeBSD, but there is little information on that subject. Therefore, it is probably better to choose CentOS for that panel.


BSD: masterhost, agava, Hc, Majordomo, Sprinthost, Peterhost, Valuehost and many more.
If you really like how everything is arranged on ubuntu, then it's better to use Debian, there are at least time tested versions with fixed bugs.
I'm not very interested by free ones. If you are really interested in FreeBSD, then put it on that panel. Just in case of any problems there is little information, that's all.