DNS can't move the website

Started by PrimoPierotz, Sep 06, 2022, 12:04 AM

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PrimoPierotzTopic starter

generally, the problem is that:
There was a site on the old virtual hosting. I wanted to transfer it to a vps. Ordered, installed Centos. Screwed the Centos web panel/
The registrar changed the DNS to those that came with access to the vps. Also, by default, the same DNS are exposed in the panel.

After the shift, the registrar's site is unavailable. I can't understand what's the matter, I waited for a while, still zero effect.
I understand that somewhere there is a jamb with an entry in the DNS, but where is still the same.
Tell me who can dig where.


I suspect that you were given dns to the vps - those through which the vps itself should resolve everything. like or
and not at all those on which you need to hang your domains.

well, turn on the logic for a moment: how will those dns find out which domain names you added to your vps?
do you have any opportunity to edit dns records on these dns that you were given? I suspect not... actually, what surprises then? how should it all work according to you?

you need to either raise a dns server on your own vps, or use some third-party service, the same cloudflare.