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Started by keiron, Sep 27, 2022, 12:49 AM

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Hello everybody. The management set the task of moving part of the IT infrastructure to Europe.
Basically it is 1c. Currently spinning on a 2*xeon 2620 v4 virtual machine. There are about 200 users . There will be a MS hypervisor, ipsec tunnel to the central office.
I watched ovh (just in Strasbourg they were thinking of buying it...before the fire, Very Happy) - technical support is bad, a bunch of logins for different countries, vat is still not removed. but a large number of configurations.
hetzner - tech support is bad, accounts are often looted for no reason.
sim-networks - servers in Germany, according to the Ukrainian company, I met a negative somewhere.
Leaseweb, Softlayer - there is also a negative in the Internet..

It is clear that any review is a subjective thing, but nevertheless, without experience with dedicated servers and the bare iron rental service itself, I would like to start with less hemorrhoids..
Even as an option, I can first take a cheap dedicated server (play for a month), and then drag everything to a more powerful dedicated server.

What could you suggest?? Thank you.


Only positive impressions remained from the experience of working with the Deac datacenter in Latvia.
I join the remark above that you can pay for the transferred abroad. Well, that is, it's worth considering which is riskier, the blackness here or the PD over the hill.


Server where you can set up a VPN for personal use. Not only the Netherlands are available here, but also Germany and Australia. The minimum tariff has 4GB of RAM and costs $7 per month. Ubuntu (including 22.04), Debian, CentOS, RockyLinux, Alma Linux, Astra or FreeBSD can be installed on the server. Payment in cryptocurrency is available. Of the interesting features, it can be noted that when deploying the server, you can choose to install additional software, among which there are OpenVPN and WireGuard.
Scripts will already be prepared to generate configuration files in the home folder. When you register using the link, you will receive +15% to top up your account. In addition, using the promo code LOSST150VPN, you can get $3 to the balance.

Virtualization Technology: KVM;
Processor: Ryzen 1 core;
RAM: 4 GB;
Disk space: 90 GB;