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Started by Nizam18, Aug 10, 2022, 04:02 AM

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Nizam18Topic starter

Please help me in choosing a virtual hosting. I've read a lot of reviews and my head is already spinning. I plan to change my current hosting provider to another, I tend to the following: hostland, timeweb and handyhost.
Maybe someone had experience with these hosting providers, positive or negative, I would like to hear your opinion. Or can you recommend any other? Main criteria: I plan to host 2-3 small websites (15 GB - disk space) on hosting, the cost is up to $5 per month, quick response website.

And a few more questions came up:
- when changing hosting, does the website somehow affect the issuance of the site in search engines?
- what about domain name transfer? Is it also transferable and do you need to pay on the new hosting or does it stay on the old hosting?


Compare the reviews, who refers to what more.
Now the time has passed, while the websites were loaded, everything stopped.
A quality hosting providers always has technical support, many additional options, such as antivirus, callback forms
domain transfer. etc.
Therefore, I recommend global reviews on the network ..

We keep our sites at French dedicated For two years now we have been working according to that scheme and everything is fine. Quick access, technical assistance 24 hours a day. And most important, the tariffs.


It depends on what your goals are. If this is for personal use, then you should choose a service with minimal parameters. If we are talking about business, then the service should have additional functions.