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Started by cbinstrument, Oct 28, 2022, 01:49 AM

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Hello everybody,
this is a question I'm new to this and not boom boom. I have a website on shared hosting. Site traffic. 30 people per day.
Website is in the process of promotion. .
 Do I need to buy a VPS or a dedicated server now.  And whether something will change from this. For example, the site will work faster. ? and will it be of any use at all? That's the question, thank you very much.


If you want to practice in the management of the VPS, then it makes sense. And so the whole meaning of the transition depends on the load.
There are projects for which VPS is not enough, so they are on a separate server or even on a set of servers (such as FB).
While you are working on web site, as soon as there is a real need, you will move.


When is it worth buying a VPS, and not a regular share hosting?

If you doubt the need to rent a VPS, then first carefully evaluate the condition of the website. Perhaps one of the signs will suit you:

Problems with cyber data protection.
If you realize that you lack some cybersecurity solutions, or advanced monitoring, data backup and automatically additional data space, it is worth considering the option with a VPS web server.

Traffic volumes have increased significantly.
If you are a small company and are just starting to create your first website, you are unlikely to have high traffic. In such cases, you can use shared hosting. If you already have a certain audience and it is constantly growing, then the usual shared hosting will not be enough.
 After all, in the case of sharing shared hosting resources, at times of high load from neighbors, you will feel a shortage in traffic. Sometimes this leads to failures in the server itself due to all the differences in traffic. With a VPS server, this scenario can be easily avoided.

The website is slow.
If you use large amounts of RAM, then shared hosting will not fit your plans. Over time, when your site and content will grow, such hosting will only increase the page loading time. As soon as you encounter such a problem, it means that you do not have enough of the resources that you have and it is worth changing the type of hosting. When using a VPS, you can scale all resources if necessary without fear of overloading and slowing down.

You have an online store.
If you are planning to create an online store, then the VPS server is considered one of the most secure and convenient hosting options.
Moreover, the protection of the VPS server is organized in such a way as to create all the conditions for passing the PCI security standard compliance test. Such a test will prove that you have implemented the necessary technologies and measures to protect client data from leakage and theft.