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Started by the_architect, Sep 02, 2022, 12:02 AM

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the_architectTopic starter

I am looking for hosting to host about 10 GB of videos. I teach this to older people at our community center. This website will receive high traffic mainly from nearby nursing homes.
I'm looking at the NEXCESS 21/month plan and don't understand the throughput.

They say
No overpayments, traffic limits or pageview counters.
But the plan has 4TB bandwidth.


When do you really need a VPS?

• If your website consumes all the computing power of your machine.
• The site "gobbles up" the power of the processor and RAM.
• For security reasons, you need full control over the website and the server.
• Are you going to organize corporate work through e-mail.
• There is a need for a powerful and reliable server.
• You need to change the appearance, performance and settings of the server.

We have repeatedly received questions and requests to choose an affordable VPS hosting in the "Web Workshop" of the "IT Protection" project.

We can recommend Fornex Hosting:

Virtual Dedicated Servers
* Free basic administration
* Assistance with moving absolutely free
* Hardware RAID-10 on SAS+SSD drives
* Accommodation in a data center in Germany or Holland/Netherlands
* Large selection of operating systems
* ACTION: When ordering 3 months, 3 more months for free!

Additional paid features
* ISP Manager control panel
* Additional IP addresses
* Additional FTP space for backup
* Unlimited traffic
* Full administration and monitoring
* DDoS protection powered by Arbor PeakFlow
* Test period 7 days

Fornex Hosting has several tariff plans for different needs and any budget, in principle, the initial tariff plan is available from $ 7 per month.

Fornex Hosting also has a site builder (if you don't have website development skills). And system administration services (no need to hire a system administrator for a salary).

If you have not yet registered a domain for your project, then that can be done directly with the registrar.