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Started by KellenFoster, Dec 04, 2022, 05:56 AM

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There is such a hosting provider. The name begins with "major".

I kept about 150 sites there, but a couple of years ago I spread some of them to other sites. In principle, I was satisfied with the cost of services, the more or less stable condition of website.
And now it seems to me that an effective manager has come there.

For a year now, there has been a paid "antivirus" scanning service on the site. It's called a Revision. And I read reminders about it by going into the hosting panels (I have 7 panels).
And at the end of November I receive a letter about the need to connect the full package of services to the audit and pay money without grunting. I ignored the email.

And on December 1, all the sites on one of the sites were infected.
I would believe if one site was through a hаcked plugin, it happens. But when the code lies inside a self-written set of files-you'll excuse me-I don't believe it.

A legitimate question arises - do they not need clients? And after all, this is a criminal case-if you track the chain of infection.
 I understand that in the end, the bumps fall on one particular person-maybe he's even a pikabushnik-but it's funny to me-the pursuit of pennies will destroy the business in the bud.
And the freak who introduced such conditions under which user sites are defiantly infected with a virus with one signature is to tear off in full, which law enforcement officers will probably do.


Vote by bucks.
Spread this information as much as possible.

They will disappear themselves.
Large prepayments are always evil, the savings are small, but in such a situation the losses are fucking huge.
Sue them? In two hours, the virus will disappear, evidence will be collected, applications will be submitted - you will lose more time than it costs money.

I also kept a resource there for a long time, but even they started to curl with prices and were sent.


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