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Started by paddy12, Sep 29, 2022, 12:54 AM

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I thought about the servers of social networks. I counted the volume of photos and videos uploaded per day on the same Instagram and at first I didn't understand how it all fits.
And I'm not talking about YouTube at all. I read that special disks of huge volumes are used.
And how would you calculate the volume of hosting for a small specialized social network for a region or city?

The network is based on the Instagram principle, where photos and short videos are published (up to 1 min).
It is clear that large resources are not needed right away, and not for the whole country.
How does data storage in social networks work in general? I tried to find information on the web, but I didn't really find it.
If anyone knows, please tell me what's what. Just don't get smart, like, millions are needed, data centers and so on. I'm not planning to compete with Facebook. And to make a small hybrid of a thematic website and a social network.


With virtual hosting, it may turn out that the hosting provider will simply ask to move away from it or to a dedicated server. In case of a sharp surge in visitors/load.
It has already been correctly advised here - a cloud virtual server, since it can be scaled.

I will recommend BlueHost - I used it myself and was extremely satisfied with everything. The base of 5000 active visitors is a fairly weak load, allowing you to choose from a wide range of classic and semi-classic PHP shared hosting services for every taste, usually featuring very low prices with (which is facilitated by the rigid concurrence at present) a fairly good service.
I don't see any sense in taking VDS under such conditions (PHP, WordPress, a small load) - it's better to let the hosting provider admins take care of you and take the lion's share of the problems (proper configuration of the HTTP server stack) on themselves.

UPDATE: I confused DigitalOcean with DreamHost. I have not heard any complaints about DigitalOcean, I meant DreamHost (and everything seems to have been fixed on it for a long time). Otherwise, the answer is in style.


Regarding the organization of storage for statics, there is no single right solution here at all, and it is stupid to advise something without knowing the needs of the project.
Nevertheless, since the audience of the project is users from Russia, then for a social network, no matter what scale the project is, it is at least irrational to distribute static from Germany, and the one who advises otherwise has simply never done it for a project with a lot of traffic.

So, it would probably be worth starting with inexpensive cars at the colocation in the data center not lower than the third shooting range. It will cost you (according to our experience of a project with a daily audience of ~ 2 cartoons) about $ 1500 / month.
these are 3-4-5 simple machines (excluding the cost of the servers themselves) that distribute static. In combination with cdn (to calculate the cost here only for yourself and your individual needs), this is another $ 500, it was enough.