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Started by Klesk666, Jun 27, 2022, 12:34 PM

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Klesk666Topic starter

I am using mailing and hosting for a domain, Both hosting are on the different vendor. For mailing, I am using the Gandi server.
I did some changes in configurations now I am not able to solve the site down and Mail not working issues?

I think there is some problem with DNS configurations.
Could anyone please help me in this?
Which DNS records and Name server I need to check?
or For mailing and Hosting need different NS, A record??


This one is pretty straight forward.
Your name servers just need to point where your website is hosted.
For mail you need to configure the MX records and associated SPF and DKim records where applicable.
Your mail provider will give you these records.

Technically you can actually have a seperate provider for DNS services as well but this is really aimed at people with nothing else better to do with their lives, or larger enterprise clients where downtime isn't an option.
For most regular cases having your domain name your web hosting and email hosting with different providers is fine, heck most of the time you can get away with one provider for both hosting and email if you really want, depending on the setup.


We had similar problems with our own mail servers and in addition, the admin left with the keys to the kingdom.
There is some danger in running your own mail servers, so we moved to google, and purchased a domain. Sucks as they spy, but they do back up and it is reliable, cut support costs.

So, that is an option