Issue with Knownhost and it's honoring it's promo

Started by asold, Jun 18, 2022, 01:14 AM

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I've been a Knownhost customer since 2014. I've had great service/support and generally solid uptime.

My account is to the point that I need to bump up for a bit more memory, though. I am currently on a "MVPS-1" package, which has the "KH30DEAL" promo applied. The promo has the notation: "You will receive a 30% lifetime discount on the MVPS-1 or larger. If you start with the MVPS-1 and later decide to upgrade the 30% lifetime discount remains FOREVER, so in turn your discount increases." (

I'm in a ticket with billing to upgrade my package and the convo goes as follows:

KH: "...I am showing that the upgrade within term is $9.58 then the Managed Basic NVMe with DirectAdmin and Softaculous is $45.00 monthly."
Me: "...yes, I would like that VPS. I want to make sure my lifetime discount would still apply to this one, though. "KH30DEAL" is the one I've had on my account."
KH: "With our new plans, there's no recurring coupon code; however, we have built in the discounting into the base prices. For example, the match to the Basic VPS would have been the old MVPS-2 (Basic has the same RAM, CPU, a bit less disk storage). The monthly rate for the MVPS-2 with DirectAdmin and Premium Softaculous with the 30% discount would have been $53.50. As you can see, the Basic plan comes in at a much lower cost at $45.00 per month."
Me: "I'm a bit frustrated, though, as the "KH30DEAL" I signed up with was to have been applied to any upgrades as well. It was a WebHostingTalk promo KH had offered at the time. I am including the link and screenshot for reference."
KH: "Unfortunately, that discount applied to upgrades within the old VPS plans but those plans were retired at the end of 2020. With the new plans, we have built the discounting into the base pricing."
Me: "There was no "*" or notation of any of that. If there was no way to upgrade that server (since it was "retired" one month after the WHT posting)..."

The Knownhost offer ( was posted on Nov 2020. So, what this means is the packages were retired less than two months after the posting ("...those plans were retired at the end of 2020"). The entire "lifetime" promo they mentioned was worthless on the upgrade that was touted as "...the 30% lifetime discount remains FOREVER, so in turn your discount increases."


Has anyone else had frustration leveraging the promo they gave for upgrades? Knowhost, is there a reason you don't specify important upcoming retired packages or applicable notations to a promo?

Is there a recommended alternative to Knownhost, for me to migrate my VPS to?

So frustrated with how this was done. Bait and switch.


That does seem a bit shady to be fair. A good tactic to get many new signups, and then months later discontinue the plan so a discount for a lifetime upgrade is no longer valid.

They said the new plans have the 30% discount baked into the price and there is now no recurring discount. So probably the same value-wise. Just an odd way of going about it.