Knownhost Terrible Alternatives Needed for mananged shared

Started by praktik_man, Jun 18, 2022, 01:33 AM

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I've been with knownhost for 3 years now, their customer service seems to treat you like a second class citizen and that you're bothering them because you're on a shared plan. I was on a dedicated server years ago then went down to a VPS and then went to a shared plan, I had different webhosts with different companies. I rarely contacted knownhost support for any issues. I will paste my original issue that I had with knownhost below but does anyone have a great or good webhost suggestion for under $15 or maybe a cheaper VPS for around $25. I have 5 or so wordpress sites. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

My original message and issue my message to tech support:
I've been in the customer service field for many years and I have never, ever seen such a neglect for the customer and passing the buck from Knownhost, disgraceful. I've been with them for 3 years and rarely opened a ticket. I added 2 Wordpress sites and added https to my domain because they boast 5 FREE SSL's. The SSL's were not working and when you go to the site, it would show a warning. I contacted them and they told me I have to wait 24 hours, then it was 48 hours but if I needed them I could purchase the SSL's from Knownhost. Now, why would I need to buy them if they are free? Each day it's wait, wait, wait, then they said it's not their problem, it's on cpanel. It's been 6 or 7 days, same issue and they told me that I have to wait over the weekend and see what happens.

They keep telling me that I can purchase SSL's from Knownhost. I asked them if they are trying to sell me SSL's, why not upload 2 for my sites and whenever cpanel fixes what they need to fix, they can have theirs back but then they said, it was just a suggestion.

Here is my last response to James: I understand that you are saying that this falls squarely on cpanel but your license is with them. My contract is with knownhost, not cpanel. You choose to use them as part of your service, that is 100% your decision and that is your choice. I am not receiving what is promised, 5 free SSL's, big selling point which is meaningless because you're trying to sell me SSL's, if you have them then just upload 2 to the sites to resolve this issue caused by the company that you choose to contract with. I've rarely opened tickets or bothered support and you've charged me monthly, no problems but fix this, however or whatever you need to do, not excuses James. I've been in the customer service field for many years and I have never, ever seen such a neglect for the customer and passing the buck, disgraceful.


Why not just use free ssl ?

I don't understand the problem cpanel unless they disabled it has free ssl built in.


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I'm sorry that you had problems with so-called homebrew hosting (it's terrible). So let's get down to business and why you should avoid Little Orange. I have tried various hosting companies in the past such as On the Move, Bluehost, SiteGround, Knownhost and more. Knownhost was a managed VPS. Then I decided to move away from these hosts and find a solution that gives me complete peace of mind.