Need suggestions to select provider for Server Management

Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 27, 2022, 12:40 AM

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ANDRYUbTopic starter


I'm looking for company who can manage our cPanel servers for fair price with unlimited kind of support.

Already using one provider and they are best I can find but sincerely looking for alternative to learn new things.

I searched in getting hyped for Platinum Server Management and

Don't know much need suggestions to acquire experienced crew that can handle cPanel servers.


Have a look at Smart Server Management and AdminGeekZ

Megan Brown

Tips to help you choose a server:
If you plan to create an Internet resource, and in the future it is planned to expand the project, then the choice should be stopped at a hosting provider that offers paid servers for websites. When choosing a provider, you should pay attention to several main criteria, including:

the place occupied by the company in an independent rating of hosting providers, and reviews of webmasters who used the services of a top provider;
offer a large number of tariff plans, allowing you to choose the best option in terms of quality and price;
the amount of space on the server disk for the website that can be rented;
the level of security that the hosting provider can provide;
technical parameters (unlimited traffic, ease of management systems functionality, availability of CMS, FTP access, number of domains);
the period of the test period, which allows you to assess the level of quality of the services provided;
Availability of operational support service, which is in touch around the clock, without holidays and weekends.

An important parameter when choosing a server for a site is the level of education and experience of the provider's employees. If the company has a wide international geography of location.