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Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 27, 2022, 12:40 AM

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I am searching for a company that can manage our cPanel servers at a reasonable price with comprehensive support services. Although we are currently working with a provider who is the best we have found so far, I am interested in exploring alternatives in order to broaden my knowledge.

 I have researched Platinum Server Management and but I do not have much knowledge in this area and would appreciate suggestions on acquiring an experienced team capable of handling cPanel servers.


Take a look at both Smart Server Management and AdminGeekZ.

Megan Brown

If you intend to create a website and plan to expand the project in the future, it is best to choose a hosting provider that offers paid servers. When choosing a provider, there are several key criteria to keep in mind. Firstly, consider the provider's ranking in independent hosting provider ratings and read reviews from webmasters who have used their services.

Secondly, look for providers with a wide range of tariff plans so you can find the best option in terms of quality and price. Consider the amount of space on the server disk that can be rented, the level of security provided by the hosting provider, and technical parameters such as unlimited traffic, ease of management system functionality, availability of CMS and FTP access. Another important factor is the length of the test period, which allows you to assess the quality of the services provided before committing.

Finally, consider the availability of an operational support service that is available 24/7. The education and experience level of the provider's employees, as well as their international geography of location, are also important factors to consider when choosing a server for your website.


Apart from Platinum Server Management and, you may also consider companies like Bobcares, Server Admins, or SupportPRO. These are well-known companies that specialize in server management and have experience with cPanel servers.

Bobcares, Server Admins, and SupportPRO are all reputable companies that specialize in server management and support services. Here's some more information about each of them:

1. Bobcares:
  - Bobcares has been providing server management and technical support since 1999.
  - They offer comprehensive server management services, including cPanel server management, monitoring, security, and optimization.
  - Their team of experts can handle a variety of server-related tasks, such as server administration, software installations, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
  - Bobcares is known for its proactive approach to server management and fast response times.

2. Server Admins:
  - Server Admins is a server management and support company with a focus on providing personalized services tailored to clients' specific needs.
  - They offer 24/7 monitoring, security patches and updates, server optimization, and proactive server management.
  - Server Admins has experience managing cPanel servers, ensuring smooth operation and prompt issue resolution.
  - Their team consists of highly skilled system administrators with expertise in various server technologies.

3. SupportPRO:
  - SupportPRO provides outsourced technical support and server management services to hosting companies, data centers, and IT service providers.
  - They have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in managing cPanel servers and can handle tasks like server setup, monitoring, security, and optimization.
  - SupportPRO offers 24/7/365 support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat.
  - They aim to provide responsive and efficient support to ensure the stability and performance of their clients' servers.

Before selecting a provider, it's recommended to review their websites, explore customer reviews or testimonials, and reach out to them directly to discuss your specific requirements and pricing options.