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Started by akeelow, Sep 05, 2022, 12:01 AM

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Good day, help me figure out how to make a temporary server out of a laptop, there is a certain website in it for hosting a site and an online game, and I need to "pull" this site so that some people can register there, how to do this?
It's  for myself, well, and for some people, to test, there is a virtual, let's say, there is a MySQL query browser, I just don't understand how to pull this site template) on what there is.


As far as I understand, you are not going to provide web hosting services. That is, it will be called creating a web server
Order the 'permanent IP' service from your provider. It is better to install a server-based OS on your computer, but you can also install it on a regular OS.
Install a web server (i.e. the Apache program itself, IIS, ..)
If necessary, register a domain name and enter your IP there. Otherwise, access is carried out by IP.


In the documentation of products such as Denwer, VertrigoServ usually write that they are not intended for hosting on the Internet.
They simulate a web server on a local computer for the developer. The default settings there are such that when you go online, you will encounter security problems. If you know how to configure the product properly, then in a good hour. But why ? When the installation of standard software requires a minimum of settings after itself.
"Pulling a website template" is a completely different question, unrelated to web hosting.