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Started by Dmitry328, Jul 12, 2022, 05:23 AM

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Dmitry328Topic starter

Good day.
Advise please not expensive hosting for WordPress. The price suits about 3 usd per month, if it's very good, then of course I can pay 4-5, but not more.
Now I use Redhosting, but it's just some kind of nightmare, there are always some mistakes. very often the blog is simply not available. You are kindly requested to post a link to hosting without a ref, since it is difficult to consider your advice objective with a ref.


I use sprinthost. Yes, It has enough problems. The support I would call perfect.
For several years, my questions at any time of the day or night were resolved once or twice. Problems with the inaccessibility of sites are quite frequent.
The lack of resources for me in general became news. A site with a traffic of 300 per day was very often cut down during alterations in the admin panel.

Now they are completely changing the rates. And in the weakest tariff, more resources are given. Therefore, problems with overloads should not be.
But.... Literally the other day the whole server was cut down for a couple of hours. And their website and everything on their servers. In short, unstable, but cheap.)


Try cheap hosting Era. It goes 1 dollar also there is a free trial period of 7 days. Initially used it when I first started working on WordPress. I was satisfied with the inexpensive price and a more understandable interface. Tools are normal. You can use. Good for beginners.


I was also looking for an inexpensive hosting for WordPress, and also for a blog, but I wanted cheaper than $ 3 / month. It didn't work out, but now it's almost already decided, this is A distinctive feature of this hosting is full support for WordPress, up to Drag-and-Drop Builder and a built-in Free SSL Certificate! You start at $2.95/mo, then you can choose a plan for $4.95/mo. In my opinion, an acceptable price for such luxury. ::)


Bluehost [nofollow] is a major American web hosting provider, a direct competitor to HostGator, with more than 2 million WordPress sites hosted on its servers. It offers virtual, VPS/VDS services and dedicated server rentals. BlueHost servers are located in its own data center in the USA, Utah.
To increase the performance and speed of content delivery to users around the world, the hosting provider uses CloudFlare CDN, which boasts a large-scale infrastructure in different regions of the world.

Almost all the built–in services and tools of the Bluehost hosting provider are focused on one engine, more precisely, they are best adapted for it - of course, that is WordPress. You will be able to manage your site directly from the billing panel (Bluehost Maestro).
There is a special online constructor that allows you to seamlessly transfer pages collected from blocks and other data to the WordPress engine. Special rates and services are offered for online stores running on WooCommerce (an online store plugin for WordPress), etc.

IONOS is both the oldest (operating since 1988) and the largest (serving 12 million domains and 8 million customers) hosting provider in Europe. The main office is located in Germany, but data centers are scattered in different countries, including the USA, Spain, etc., a total of 9 countries, 10 data centers.

Several different types of services are offered especially for WordPress: classic shared web hosting, managed by WP (Managed format) and dedicated hosting (based on cloud servers with guaranteed computing resources, the server is easy to clone, create a snapshot of its state, etc.). Plus, WordPress can be obtained together with a ready-made image for a VPS server with hourly payment for the resources actually consumed.

Professional webmasters will find even more opportunities at IONOS: own web-mail for the domain, original services for e-Commerce, cloud storage, domains (IONOS is the official registrar), etc.

Coopertino - Works on the principle of "All inclusive". All tariffs have increased CPU load limits (from 100% of the core and above), user accounts are isolated from each other. SSL certificates and DDoS protection are free. The transfer of turnkey web  sites. Control panel to choose from (cPanel or ISPmanager).