Please advise a good hosting with DDos protection

Started by AliceFowell89, Jul 15, 2022, 03:07 AM

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AliceFowell89Topic starter

Good day!

Dear forum members, who have had experience using reliable hosting with DDos protection?
Please share your experience. Another very important criterion is good responsive support and also it is desirable to have moneyback.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful advices!


I have not encountered DDoS, but I know hosting provider with the most adequate technical support: freehost

They answer promptly and in addition to questions directly about hosting datails.
They advised me more than once beyond their authority: they themselves reinstalled the crookedly installed WP for me, transferring sites between accounts (not instructions, but they did it themselves).

When fiddling with OpenCart, they answered me with links to the necessary topics in profile forums, although, as for me, the internal configuration of the site has nothing to do with the hosting at all.
In general, I am satisfied, although I have nothing to compare with - since 2016, I have not hosted anywhere except them.


The provider (Freedom Technology Management) is registered in the UK and has been providing services since 2016. Services include virtual hosting and domain registration. ISPmanager is used as web hosting control panel.
Protection against DDoS attacks on any tariff is enabled via the control panel in a few clicks. After activation, the traffic will be filtered, which will significantly increase the security of web site.

Hosting Features:
Free of charge: SSL certificates and web site migration within 24 hours.
Unlimited traffic.
Data backup. The provider stores backups on its servers and does not take up disk space.
Automatic installation of popular CMS – for instance, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others.

A European provider operating since 2007. Among the clients there are large projects such as Pikabu, Vibum, LetyShops and others. The services include web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, administration and much more.

Protection against DDoS attacks is provided both to the provider's clients (on web hosting tariffs, dedicated servers, etc.) and to the clients of third-party hosting companies. You can choose standard or advanced filtering.
With the standard one, only one dedicated IP address is provided and traffic for only one domain is filtered. With the extended one, traffic for 10 domains is filtered, as well as deep traffic analysis is applied, geolocation rules are expanded, round–the-clock availability monitoring is provided, and filters are configured individually.  Owners of dedicated servers (DC – Germany) can enjoy free protection against DDoS attacks in volumes up to 10 Gbit/s.

Features of web hosting from Fornex:
Free of charge: SSL certificate, web  site migration.
Unlimited: traffic, number of web sites (not on all tariffs).
Distribution of servers – Data centers are located in 6 countries of the world – USA, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.
The test period is 7 days.