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Started by jina, Aug 18, 2022, 12:24 AM

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Dear forum members, please advise hosting provider, where I can sleep peacefully and not worry about my websites!
Preferably with an example of a website that is hosted there, to check the performance of hosting.
I would also like that there would be perfect technical support.


Here are hosting providers with good support and reasonable price:

Brought the best.

Another excellent and inexpensive hosting provider -
But support is minimal, only in extreme cases.
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I use Timeweb hosting. It gives ten days of free use, as well as an SSL certificate for free and the most important thing is speed. All my sites are flying.
In general, the choice of hosting for the site depends on your type of site.


I advise you to try
I started using it 8 months ago
Free administration
Free transfer of websites to them
sites always work without any problems

support responds at any time of the day or night, helps to set up caching, restored access to the admin panel of the site even once, since it changed and did not record them.
There are servers in the Netherlands. For all the time, not a single failure. Not one! This is an indicator!!! And now I extended it - so in general paradise, I paid for 6 months - and it lasted for a year! Consider they gave me $200, I'm buying a VPS Business from them. They multiply the payment term by 2 for everyone !
I recommend it from the bottom of my heart, until the promotion is over, it is very profitable.


Good afternoon, I would like to advise everyone hosting ServInt (, during the time of work, and this is about 5 years, it has shown itself to be reliable and safe, I advise everyone if If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them! ;D