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Started by Bukvarix, Jul 10, 2022, 04:07 AM

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I would like to share the experience of my hosting. Reading these lines, each of you may remember yourself and leave your comment on this unshakable topic.

My epic began in 2018 when I finally decided to leave free hosting and switch to a paid one. Which hosting to choose? - from time to time I asked myself the same question, forgetting about food, water, and sometimes sleep, surfing the Internet and bumping into the same wall of price and quality.

Yes! I asked my friends! Yes! I asked Internet strangers and strangers without even trying to get to know them, I prayed for only one thing - to indicate the direction, the path ... And then ... one fine morning ... to the wonderful singing of nightingales dancing outside the window on a birch branch,
I I turned on my personal computer and ... yes, you probably already guessed it ... activated the Internet, but, to your surprise, and actually to mine, it was far away ... I saw - a flame of hope that suddenly, brighter and brighter, began to dawn, until I clicked on the link and saw this (link is attached http://************.com/)...
- What happened after? - the curious reader will ask.
What do you think?
... Good. I prick. I have been using FatCow for 4 years now.
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I found the first paid hosting service by chance and decided to try it, but stupidly I paid for the year right away.
I didn't even begin the test, free period, the site to check how it would work.

And so, it turned out that the hosting is far from ideal, but what to do, the money has already been paid. Here you have to transfer the site to another at the end of the paid period.
And again I'll have to select something, although now I'm smarter and for other sites I'm already choosing more carefully, and so many projects on free ones have remained, I think if I transfer them to paid hosting, problems will begin.


Your story is like a whole novel about finding reliable hosting. In fact, finding a good, but inexpensive hosting is not so difficult. After all, many companies offer to use the tariff designer and include only those services that are really needed in their tariff. In addition, there are promotions and discounts for account replenishment, for example, for a year in advance.


Hello. I also think that everything is not so difficult, you can easily find a suitable hosting service and price. And no need to worry about data storage.


Beautiful personal account
Convenient statistics
Free basic rate (further from $9)
The system of monetary support from listeners
Auto-upload to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
The ability to create a site

Limited storage
You cannot use your domain name on a free tariff

Support responds promptly
They react quickly to new technologies
Own Android and IOS app

Limited storage (minimum tariff for $5 will give you 50 MB per month)
Lack of advanced statistics on two classic tariffs

Libsyn has been working for podcasters since 2004. I didn't update my design, it seems, from the same. But he clearly will not let you down in technical terms.

And despite the old-fashioned look, web hosting has an application, the ability to customize your web site (WordPress integration with its Libsyn Publisher Hub plugin, but the functions are not as flexible) and cross-hosting in social networks using the OnPublish tool.
Libsyn provides video tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions and technical support, and for extra money you get a private email address for faster feedback.

Recast function – publishing episodes in social networks
Ability to manage a podcast by multiple people
A web site with its own domain

Limited number of downloads
Limited statistics (on the basic tariff)

Simplecast has been around for a little over six years and provides its services to podcasts of popular brands, for instance, Nike, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Hosting has a special Recast function this is used for cross-hosting. If you want to fully work out the podcast web  site, get detailed statistics, then Simplecast can be considered as an option. The design of the players has many variations – that is a separate plus.
The basic tariff with limited statistics costs $ 15. To start, you can use a trial period of 14 days.