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Started by Vopiros, Oct 09, 2022, 02:57 AM

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VopirosTopic starter

Good day for all.
Please suggest a paid webhosting with support for my company.
Now we use POP3 mail from the provider and 900 MB mailboxes are available. We want to switch to IMAP, respectively, we need a lot more space. Support is also very important (it's better to be available by phone). We won't master our Exchange yet.
When everything is working, of course, support is not needed Very Happily, and when it is not and it is critical for business, it is extremely important. The responsibility of web hosting company is also important.


You will have to pay Very Happy for a lot of space.
Why do you need technical support? If everything works well, it is not needed.
If there are no prejudices about mail , I would look at them. The mail on the paid tariff promises an SLA of 99.9%

We ourselves are thinking of switching to email because of unlimited mailboxes.
Try it namecheap, I use it myself. They have on ssd, all the managers of isp and cPanel and it seems that there is something else. The price is average. I use it myself, there are no complaints yet.