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Started by rajeshmehra615, Dec 01, 2022, 03:10 AM

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I work in a small organization as a sysadmin. They come to me today with a problem, they say, the site does not work. I go to the site and see a sign that the site is blocked.
I go to the hosting and, in fact, nothing like that, the hosting reports that the site is working.

A quick investigation revealed the following:
- The website is not serviced on the hosting, but only the domain is serviced. All this time (more than a year), the organization paid for hosting, but did not use it.
- Data from the site control panel is unknown where, to whom the hosting is registered where the site is located, is unknown. It is impossible to enter there. It is unknown how long the blocked site will be stored. (a request has been sent to those who made the site, with the hope that they will send the data)
- The mail also got up, because it was on the hosting that serves the site (I'm already transferring it to one of the free hosting providers).

P.S. I am NOT a webmaster in this company, site maintenance is not my responsibility, the site was outsourced.


Usually, the hosting provider in a situation where you are clearly right, goes to meet: through the court, the solution of such things is extremely unpleasant for all participants, and even when checking, anything can pop up.



This means that we are trying to access the site simply through the address in the browser or click the link, but in fact we do not receive the site, but an error message or we do not receive anything, but the browser tries to open something for a long time and unsuccessfully, but does not open it and then still writes that the site does not respond for too long.

If you do not go into the jungle of details and do not paint everything in the smallest detail (because everything has already been painted more than one hundred times), then at this stage the user can do the following:

try to visit the site again
That is, do not draw any conclusions yet, but simply reload the page. Therefore, even if it is still loading, feel free to click the "cross" on the browser panel and then either the "Update" arrow or F5 (or better — Shift + F5 if you have Chrome). Thus, it will immediately become clear whether the connection problem was short-lived or there is a more serious problem.

launch Ping / Tracert
This is one of the easiest ways to get accurate data on the status of communication with a specific online resource. Therefore, open the Windows command prompt (Start button-> in the search bar of the system, write cmd and press Enter) and in turn run the ping and tracert commands for the site we need. Eg:

ping and Enter

tracert and Enter

The site does not open: why, and what can be done when it is urgently needed
Messages about delays, if any, indicate that there are problems with the server or problems connecting to the server.

use the site monitoring service
Currently, such solutions are convenient because, as a rule, they are complex. For example, the popular site monitoring service HOST TRACKER not only allows you to conduct an operational and comprehensive check of any site (including http, ping, trace, DN SBL, RegBL, etc.), but also along the way will give information whether other servers can / cannot find and open the site you need. Simply put, with the help of the monitoring service, you will find out in any case that:

a) the site does not open at all, which means neither your computer (or mobile device) nor your provider's equipment are the cause of the problem;

b) the site does not open only for you, respectively, it is necessary to deal with the computer or with the provider.

Note also that the same Host Tracker also provides a whole set of professional solutions for automated monitoring of sites and servers for site administrators (see the link for details).

to ask
The method is not the most technically advanced, but it is the fastest and allows you to clarify the source of problems in a couple of minutes. After all, you can almost always ask one of your friends or family to go to the site you need. Especially if this "someone" has the same provider as you.

Well, then we act according to the circumstances. If the resource is unavailable due to technical problems, then you will have to wait until it is eliminated, or search for the desired page in the Google cache.