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Started by kotowicz, Aug 24, 2022, 01:09 AM

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kotowiczTopic starter

Please tell me a good hosting company where I can rent a webserver. The server needs approximately the following parameters 4+ nuclear > 2.7 GHz, from 4 GB of memory. >200GB SSD, 1000Mbps, Debian/Ubuntu Server .
Preferably America, France or Germany.

Сергей Нижегородцев

Which is the purpose of the server, if not a secret?
VDS servers are considering a similar configuration?

An excellent company that provides servers and a high level of service.

Here's another:
Intel DualCore Atom 330 + 4GB RAM + 250GB SSD+ 2000Gb traffic - $70
Intel Pentium4 3.0 GHz + 4GB RAM + 2x250GB SSD+ 100Mbit unlimited - 100$
Intel Core2Quad Q9550 + 16GB RAM + 2x500GB SSD+ 5000Gb bw + 100Mbit - 135$
Intel Core2Duo E6600 + 8GB RAM + 2x250GB SSD+ dedicated 100Mbit unlimited - $125


Just for such web projects, we offer the "Media" tariff plan
The subscription fee is  ~150 $/m.

The speed of the incoming foreign channel is guaranteed to be 100 Mbit/s + additionally 1/50 of the actual speed of the total outgoing channel used*
The speed of the outgoing foreign channel without restrictions

Ukrainian traffic is not limited
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 server configuration, 2 GB, 2x500 GB (number of RAM and drives can be increased)

1 Gbit/s Ethernet connection
IP addresses up to 8


Make sure you'll have something like a personal representative or sales representative in the hosting provider so you can easily deal with various issues related to service usage.

I think you should broaden the range of your search.
Highly recommend GTHost.com and also DataPacket.net server hosting packages.
Compare them. Their professionals are able to customize any services/features you may need.   


I can recommend a company Kamatera with different options for tariff plans. Depending on your wallet and need. Localization of servers in Germany and the USA.
They offer the operating system as you want Debain/Ubuntu.
Of the shortcomings - Own control panel, "cPanel".