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Started by hanxlk, Nov 23, 2022, 02:21 AM

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I welcome you, dear forum members !

I want to tell you about the company , which provides a range of hosting services, rental of virtual dedicated servers (VDS/VPS) and domain registration.
VDS Store is a company that offers reliable and inexpensive hosting with a European approach to providing services. We are constantly expanding the list of technologies and virtualization systems used.
In our practice, we use our own data center, which is geographically located in Kharkov. Our infrastructure is built using equipment from the world's leading manufacturers: Cisco, IBM, Nortel, HP.
Also, an important advantage of our company is the round-the-clock monitoring of the operability of equipment and services, load control, quick response of personnel in the event of failures and malfunctions. Calls to the support service are made through tickets in the billing system.
We do our best to ensure reliable and high-quality operation of our hosting around the clock!

And now a little specifics.
VDS hosting based on XEN virtualization technology - from 11.9 to 5.8 $/month
special offer for - gold_autumn coupon for receiving a 50% discount to pay for hosting for any period!

VPS hosting based on hyper-V virtualization technology - from 28 22.4 $/month
special offer for - hyper_gold coupon for receiving a 20% discount to pay for hosting for any period!

Shared hosting - from 0.94 0.84 $/month Hosting Control Panel - ISPmanagerPRO
special offer for - web coupon for receiving a 10% discount to pay for web hosting for any period!

Reseller tariff plans for shared hosting from 7.65 $/month (from 60 Gb and 25 ISPmanagerPRO accounts), and for reseller-VPS from 48 $/month (from 600 GB disk and 12048MB RAM)!

In addition, the moneyback system operates! And despite this fact, our company also provides a test period of 7 days for any type of hosting! To do this, use the order of the selected hosting.
We will be glad to see you among our clients! And also I would like to see reviews and suggestions on the work of hosting in this topic