Cheap Directories submission Service

Started by ipnesterov, Jun 25, 2022, 03:28 AM

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My cheap Directory Submission Service

$35 per 500 directory submission.

1. Register a member account in directory site

- Give out some keywords and your website at the same link

- Set up links towards your website

2. Check your email to activate your registered

3. Admin review it and your link get public.

Note:The acceptance of site in directory is totally in hand of directory administrator. We will give you places where sign up done email used where you can see confirm and welcome email to check our work.


Is this guaranteed? How much directories actually accept the link in average?


The AddsSites site directory is successfully operating in the SEO services industry. It is trusted, well known and regularly indexed by all search engines. The catalog is constantly being improved, increasing its quality indicators and today is an advanced tool for effective site promotion.

Each site added to our catalog is placed on its own unique personal page, created on the basis of the description you have compiled. All resources registered in the directory have a simple and intuitive access. Here, everything, as in a card file, is sorted into shelves - in the appropriate categories and sections. There is a search system, by name, keywords, phrases and URL.

Placing direct links to the AddsSites white directory of sites improves the visibility of your sites by search engines. Adds importance to them, develops their reputation and increases their positions in search results among equally relevant pages. Leads to a positive growth of  Google rankings. It attracts high-quality additional traffic for you and leads new promising customers.

AddsSites is a directory that works to popularize sites and is optimized for the success of their promotion. Your opinion is important to us, we work for the result and constantly adjust the work of all our services in accordance with the current trends in the development of modern SEO technologies.