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Started by ACKET, Jul 21, 2022, 01:49 AM

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Hello, I've been interested in this theme for a long time.
Somewhere I read about a year ago that when copying news from other websites, you must specify a link to the source, they say search engines love it.

Is it true? I would like to get a more detailed answer.
I have a site about SEO, I don't see any sense in writing articles about SEO promotion. Rewrite too, the search engines will see it.
I decided to post only  seo news, so that visitors would have something to read on the subway. But the question arises about the copy-paste furtherance.


ANY theme has already been spelled up and down.
But at the same time, unique and original content still appears in big circulations. Collect information bit by bit and combine it into reviews, experiments.

Since you are moving in SEO, it means there is something to write about. This topic, like no other, seems to be hĐ°ckneyed, but far from everything has been told.
About Google, alone and its habits, you can create a whole weblog. Don't aim for general SEO, choose a deeper, but one direction and dig into it.

F.e., if you have a promotion in Google, write about methods specifically for Google, don't touch other SEs at all.
And those who decide to get promoted in Google, will definitely stumble upon your weblog. Moreover, I am purposefully looking for a blogger who promotes successfully exclusively on other SEs, but I still have not found it.
You have an open arena under your nose, and you say there is nothing to write about ..