Impact of external links to web site

Started by expertmumbai, Oct 19, 2022, 03:33 AM

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Please tell me how outgoing links in articles affect web site, for example: leading to the web site of the store where the goods specified in the article are sold.
Do I need to specify them or not?


I have heard more than once that it has a positive effect, many indicate the source.. so that there are no problems, and the search engines themselves respond adequately.
I don't practice on my own articles, but I used them on competitive sites and didn't see a negative reaction from the SEs.
the question immediately arises - Links to very high-quality sites, but there is no particularly positive effect. The website is self-filling. That is, at the end of each article there is a link to the source from where this article was taken.
But, there is no positive effect. Although the auto-filled web site works on the principle of any well-known news aggregator, but alas and ah...


Outbound links are evil because they convey weight. I need to get as many incoming links as possible, because they give me weight. And with this mindset, the owner of the resource goes to the ocean of the World Wide Web.
He closes all outgoing links, refuses to share useful links with the reader, at the same time he goes to all offices offering links. Recently I came across an article that says that in order to raise the position of the page, you need to put at least 100 links on it. t the same time, it is important that the donors' X is higher than yours. In general, the boys were going to success.

So that it does not look like an advertisement, I will give an example without clarification. I have an article on my blog in which I tell how a person can get what he wants. I answer the user's question in simple terms. There I explain in detail how and what to do, put a referral link and a link to my FB page. Since my blog is not popular at all, the article was read by 30 people. It's a bad thing. But then I answered a similar question on Yandex q and without a second thought recommended reading my article on this topic, since there is information available and the topic is disclosed.

Every day, 5-7 people switch from Google q, as a rule, one of them becomes my client and 2-3 people write to me in FB. Thus, we conclude that one link with traffic is a billion times more useful than 1,000 links from profiles, crowd links from unreadable forums and other shit links.
And what thoughts should this give us? If people were reasonable and not greedy, then they would put links to my article for free, simply because I took the time and solved the user's problem. There is an answer to his question, a link to get the right service, a link to the VK for consultation. For example, I often refer to weight loss specialists if I write on these topics, I put links to books if I talk about them.

Outgoing links have a positive effect on the site and its positions if they are put as a recommendation and advice.
And to refer to all sorts of nonsense, getting paid for this money is very harmful. This will not help a bad web site to the recipient of the link in any way, and most likely such an outgoing link will destroy your site. Put normal links to useful information and you will be happy.


    Definitely anchor links will positively influence your site. The link is like seasoning in food, the main thing is to observe the measure.
    • What seasoning will we choose? Or what resource you are referring to. Keep the theme with your site. The text around anchor and non-anchor links should be relevant.
    • The title quality is relevant, description, h1-h6 headings.
    • Do not be zealous with the number of links. Follow the golden rule no more than 100 pieces.
Keep hygiene. Remove broken links, links to low-quality sites.