SEO promotion for Japan, Who did?

Started by nesterland, Aug 07, 2022, 08:17 AM

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nesterlandTopic starter

Gentlemen, hello.

Actually I invite everyone who has dealt with search engine promotion under Japan to the topic. I would like to know the subtleties / features and generally experienced information about entering their search engines.


I promoted only the gray anime channel on YouTube, and then just uploaded videos as I promoted it. But the anime was successful.

Maybe off topic, but under Japan quite often come across bold drops with good link and residual traffic, for instance, in the .jp zone
The only thing is that there are restrictions on the registration of such domains by non-residents of the country, but the solution is simple - a friend or acquaintance in Japan (with the citizenship of the country) and the domain name registration takes place on it or you buy a SIM card from a mob.
Japanese number here and regatta, though the SIM card is not cheap, well, in Japan everything is not cheap.