Attitude to digital domain names

Started by Nizam18, Jul 27, 2022, 12:47 AM

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There is a two-digit domain name, with zero at the end, so I think there will be no problems with memorability.

Who knows, please answer: how do ordinary users feel about domains consisting entirely of numbers?
Does trust or click-through rate drop to links in the search engine?



There will be no problems with the domain name, but with the zone. You are unlikely have N0 in the common zone. If some third level or one of the newTLDs, then authority will not be added explicitly.

It seems to me that the user at the first stage does not care at all. Then he evaluates the website itself and puts an estimate.
As for search engines, I think not much. If the project is moving forward according to a specific word key, then it is a big plus if this same key is present in the domain name.


There are sites whose names consist entirely of numbers.
Such digital domains are not chosen by chance. Usually a digital combination has a certain subtext. It does not always justify itself, but in some cases it has a good development of the resource from a marketing point of view and contributes to the natural growth of users to website.

The most expensive digital domain it was sold through a brokerage office for half a million dollars. A well–known seller of digital domains, Ti Demas, specialized in digital domain names. It is known that the buyer of the domain name is from China. Which is not nonsense – in this country, domain numeric names are very popular for "historical reasons".
Domain ousted from the place of honor , which has held a stable position as the leader of one of the most expensive digital domain names in recent times. Experts believe that in the near future numeric domains will surpass the record level of $ 1 million.

Domains that do not consist entirely of numbers are more common.
For instance, a digit can replace a letter or a digit, which can replace almost a whole word – .
Having a number in the domain, you can come up with various marketing "chips" associated with that number. For instance, every month of that date to hold promotions or arrange a day of discounts.