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Started by waton, Nov 11, 2022, 04:08 AM

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it is extremely difficult for a foreign entrepreneur to get into platforms such as Alipay or WeChat and launch his application, so it was decided to create his own web site.
I found some interesting information. It turns out that domains consisting only of numbers are very popular among Chinese residents, it is much easier for Chinese to remember a sequence of numbers than a word made of Latin letters.

Another reason for the love of numbers is that they can be used to convey homophones (i.e. words with phonetic ambiguity). You don't have to go far to find an example - the site of the Alibaba payment system is located on the domain .
The combination of numbers 1-6-8-8 is pronounced as "yo-le-ba-ba".

You can create whole phrases from numbers. For example, "5" is pronounced "wu" in Chinese. It is similar in sound to the word "in", which means "I". "1" is pronounced as "yao", which, if the intonation changes, will mean "I want". Therefore, a job search site means "I want to (find) a job."

Here are the main values of the digits that are used in China:

1 — "I want"

2 — "love"

4 — "dead", "world" or an analogue of the verb-bundle is

5 — "I"

7 — "wife" or "eat" (take food)

8 — "getting rich" or "not" (negative particle)

9 — "long time" or "аlcohol"

I'm going to make a web site on a domain of numbers, though I started checking the available "beautiful" options, stumbled upon Chinese blаckjack and, well, you know... Be vigilant.


there are well-established phrases there:

88 ba ba bye

94 jiùshì exactly

520 wǒ ài nǐ I love you

52094 wo ai ni da si I love you very much

555 wu wu wu crying

58 wan good night

06537 ni revo shengqi you pissed me off

729 qu he jiu left to drink

666. Usually they write when they want to say "cool" "class".  333 they write when, advise to return.  233 means "ahaha" laughter..


when registering domains in and .cn, there are at least two "interesting" features.
Firstly, to register a domain name, you need to pass an identity check by sending a scan of the document that certifies it (a passport will do), after its successful verification, registration will be "approved".

Secondly, your default domain after the first stage will not be available to residents of mainland China. In order for the domain to become available inside China, you will need to submit a special application to a special agency, which, if successful, will approve your domain, enter it into a special registry, on the basis of which Chinese providers will "open" access to it.
At the same time, the application can only be submitted by a company that is registered in China.