Mega 5N .com portfolio for sale -

Started by Сергей Нижегородцев, Jun 21, 2022, 10:52 AM

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Сергей НижегородцевTopic starter

For the first time, a large portfolio of domains are being listed for sale.

These domains are 100% verified clear title from original registrant and long time Epik client. The domains are available for individual purchase or can be purchased in bulk.

The list with stats can be found here for more than 1200 high quality 5N .COM domains:

Interested parties can submit offers directly on the landing pages for single domains.

You can also PM inquiries for bulk deals.

For China buyers, please note that purchases can also be done via UnionPay and major crypto. PM to discuss account funding logistics.

Domains are at Epik but are all free to transfer out. Domains renewed until Feb 2023.




How many domains do you have in total? And what is the price tag for each separately? And how much do they cost if I buy all at once.
Voice in this thread so as not to waste time on private correspondence.