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I wonder what you think about Cryptocurrency?
I began to study, watch videos on YouTube , read articles in the news. I see that already on the Forbes list - there are 9 crypto billionaires -


The main thing here is to understand: for someone to earn so much, it is necessary that tens / hundreds of thousands other people go bankrupt - the law of the market.
Pros pump millions, drive the market, encourage others to invest, and jump out in time, leaving crowds of invested people to think about how to at least partially return their money.

Jumping into a speeding express train and pulling a bag of money out of it for free is a one in a million chance.
It is much more profitable and more reliable to do what you understand, like a fish in water.
If this is not yet the case, it is better to invest in yourself in order to become a real expert in something.

And trying to make money by climbing naked into a cage with business tigers or sharks is a direct path to another bankruptcy.
( I impose an opinion, everything is pure IMHO.)


Recently, more and more financial experts - investors are offering to pay attention to cryptocurrency, although earlier they were more careful with this direction of investment. The point seems to be in the decreasing stability in the world as a whole (the war in Ukraine, etc.). Cryptocurrency seems to have entered our lives for a long time, and this fact cannot be denied. 8)

Я И Бал Крассавиц

You know, it's probably time... The time of the cryptocurrency, the tipping point when the currency will depreciate (but this may happen in the near future). I agree with all the above opinions, cryptocurrencies should be kept in mind in your head, because cryptocurrency will greatly affect the situation in the external economy and in society itself. ;)


I think that in the next 10 years, cryptocurrency will be recognized as a unit of account in many countries. They do the right thing when they invest money in cryptocurrency. After a certain time, people will earn millions.


The Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency has increased in price by 29% over the past day. The coin now is trading at $40.7. Altcoin's market capitalization exceeded $5.6 billion with daily trading volumes of $2.6 billion, according to Coin Gecko.

In the original Ethereum Classic blockchain, as a result of the hard fork (separation) of which the Ethereum (ETH) network arose, miners continue to connect, completing the extraction of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization. According to On Monday, the hashrate of the Ethereum Classic network reached 48.93 terahashes per second (TH/s), the highest level in the entire history of observations.

The switch of miners to Ethereum Classic occurs due to the fact that today, the Bellatrix update will be launched on the Ethereum network, which is the first stage in the final transition of the cryptocurrency from the Proof-of-Work algorithm to Proof-of-Stake, which will mean the end of ETH mining.



What do I think of cryptocurrency?
- It's bullshit. It's not serious.
I was mining bitcoin in the fall of 2013. On a new, top-of-the-line laptop. It was easy then.
It died a little in May 2014, I filled it up with some nonsense, and it fell on the floor.
A little later I restored it, replacing the motherboard, keyboard and other little things. I gave up mining.
Last year I accidentally found an old flash drive. It had an account on it and a few bitcoins in the account.
To say that it was a pleasure, is nothing to say.  :o :)  :)
And so, - yes, cryptocurrency is some kind of unhealthy crap.  :)

Good luck to all of you! Smile!  :)


Cryptocurrency and mining is quite an interesting area, and I believe that it has a great future. It will be quite difficult for an ordinary person to make money on this, because the price of crypto coins is constantly changing and it is far from a fact that in six months or a year it will be higher. You need to figure it out before investing, whoever has the time and opportunities can try mining