Invite for free access to FineVpn.

Started by Ronny, Sep 08, 2022, 04:48 AM

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RonnyTopic starter

Hi all! A friend of mine was boasting about getting access to WireGuard from finevpn, but he gave away his invites already. Maybe someone has it by chance? Share, please.


You don't need this invite.
Open your favorite Telegram, look for the bot named FineVPNbot.
Send him a blank message, or a dot, for example. In response, the bot will give you a menu. Choose "Get service".  In response you will receive instructions for different platforms, QR code with a link to the configuration file. You may also get the config itself.
Feed this to your WireGuard client. Profit.
Don't thank me - man is man's friend, comrade and brother. :)