What are you listening to right now?

Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 17, 2022, 07:29 AM

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What's your favorite songs for Monday morning?


Most of the music on my phone is from Broadway musicals, with a little bit of pop mixed in.
I am the real Slim Shady, k?

"The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem was one of the songs my mom loved to blast on family road trips when I was a kid. I knew all the words from the age of 7.

Yeah, my mom is more hardcore than I am.

We listened to a lot of stuff— Eminem, country, pop. I was a weird kid. I blame it on my mother's weird taste in music.


Rammstein, any composition. Because on Monday morning I have a disgusting mood. You can even say - I feel aggressive. And the song reconciles me at least a little with reality. After all, the weekend is over and you need to go to work  :o


Damnn. I got the most standard preferences like: 21 savage, lil uzi vert, future, kenrick lamar and others. They are giving so cool vibe and making me relaxed for all day. 8)

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 I don't know about others, but personally my taste in music is preferably strange. I like sad songs, they are much more fun for me, it turns out that I love darkness, but not an introvert. Favorite singers are Scriptonite and Mujuice, Puff Daddy).


I like listening to music. I like different genres of music. To my opinion, all compositions from my playlists should have harmony. I listen to different songs, for my Monday routine I would rather choose something cheerful - like Blink-182 or the Offspring. If my Monday is filthy, I listen to Linkin Park.


I don't understand modern music at all. Pop and rap directions seem very simple to me, and the worst thing is that they were composed for the sake of money and not for the sake of art. I'm a fan of classic rock 60-70. My favorite band is Led Zeppelin. Yes, Jimmy Page is far from the best guitarist in the world, I would even say that his playing is below average. But his composing talent, what he puts into his playing, I appreciate more than virtuosity. Also, I do not deny myself the pleasure of listening to something shoegaze-grunge from 90. Yes, yes, like a well-known Nirvana. But I like sonic youth and pixies more.