Can I get by with just JavaScript?

Started by arthyk, Aug 04, 2022, 05:02 AM

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arthykTopic starter

I have a question that may be a little strange. Let's say I want to create a website entirely by myself. The site is not very sophisticated, but with all the standard elements (buttons, animated menus, some effects).
Of the programming languages, I know only JavaScript. Question: is it possible to get by with only this tool for programming the main functions of the site (without PHP, Python, etc.)? The site contains articles, pictures, a small expandable database. Can all this be done in JavaScript? ???


The base of the site itself can be made solely with the help of JS, if the site means something from the category of a personal blog, without any interaction with the written content on the site. If you need something more than just viewing content, you will need php, sql and other joys.


It depends on what you need.
Really, at least on just HTML, if you need to receive and process data from the user, you will still need something on the server, exept JavaScript. F.e. php, css etc.