Google Groups - what is it?

Started by arthyk, Oct 31, 2022, 06:06 AM

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arthykTopic starter

I heard that there is a certain Google Groups platform where you can effectively search for answers to questions about programming, for example. There, as if you need to create (or connect) to groups. Does anyone have real experience using it? How effective is this resource for, for example, a JS or PHP programmer?


Google groups, as the name suggests, are a space for joint discussion on any topic. Each group has its own email address, and participants can exchange information using this single email address, instead of sending an email to each participant separately. Discussions are multi-threaded,
and you can join the conversation in Google groups or by email if you are part of the group's mailing list. This is one of the oldest Google services, which also supports many Usenet newsgroups. You can search for them too.

You don't need to log in to view public Google groups. Using the search box or just searching by category or region is the easiest way to find the group you want to join. Remember that Google groups are arranged as a directory, so a category can have subcategories.
Groups can also be open, closed, or closed. Beware of groups with warnings about prohibited content.