How to remove /blog in pretty URLs on WordPress multisite?

Started by rafiazafar, Aug 24, 2022, 02:15 AM

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rafiazafarTopic starter

Good day!
Actually a subject.
According to the code, this is not possible. haven't found a solution yet.
WP latest version.

/blog is initially nested in the pretty URLs and it is not removed.


Here is the answer to that question:

On each blog site go to Settings -> Permalinks -> Default

In multisite main control go to each site -> Permalink Structure -> /%category%/%post_id%


when you removed the date from the WordPress URLs. You need to set up the correct redirects.
Redirects send users to updated URLs without displaying a 404 error. It will also help search engines understand that old URLs are now being moved to these new URLs.

First of all, you need to install and activate the Redirect plugin.
You will see a form with the Source and Target URL fields. The "source URL" is the field where you will describe your old URL structure, and the "Target URL" is the location of the new URL.