Integration External Shopping Cart to WHMCS

Started by Kik84, Jun 26, 2022, 01:19 PM

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Is it possible to integrate external shopping cart list to whmcs checkout?


Not to question your request, but why would they want to use your script to order via a WHMCS instance for the same company, when they could just order directly?


WHMCS checks whether the user has active services with the "Dedicated Servers" type.
If there are services, then the client also has an account in DCImanager. In this case, each new dedicated server will be hosted within this account in DCImanager.

If the client makes the first order of a dedicated server, a new account is created on the DCImanager side. The account name in DCImanager is the same as the user name in WHMCS. The password of the account will be the password specified when registering the service (the password of the dedicated server).

WHMCS creates a service, gives it the Pending status, and starts searching in DCImanager for a free server of the ordered configuration. The server is considered free in DCImanager if:
the server has no owner;
The hostname of the server has the value "free.ds";
the server has no hardware problems;
currently, the server is not being diagnosed.
The server is considered a suitable configuration if the "Package Name" field in the tariff plan settings matches the "Configuration" or "Server Type" field in DCImanager.

On the DCImanager side, IP addresses from the address pool are allocated to the selected server. During the installation of the operating system, all ordered IP addresses will be added to the server's network interface.

The service enters the "Active" state and is considered ready for use when:
the installation of the OS on the server started with the "Don't wait the OS install" tariff option active;
the installation of the OS on the server was completed successfully with the "Don't wait the OS install" option disabled. If the installation has not completed in 720 seconds, an error will be displayed on the WHMCS side and the service will remain in the "Pending" status.
Stopping the service
When the service expires, the server is blocked on the DCImanager side. If the service is not extended for a certain time, the server is released.

Deleting a service
When the service is removed, the server is released on the DCImanager side:

the owner of the server changes to "Without an owner";
Hostname changes to "free.ds";
server IP addresses are released.